Steele: NNP has options

As the election date draws nearer, speculation is rife that Health Minister, Nickolas Steele will have to give way in the town of St. George to former Congress member, Senator Peter David who is now a full-fledged member of the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

The question was posed to the Health Minister at last week’s post-Cabinet press briefing on whether the ruling party has selected its candidate for the Town.

“No, a candidate has not been chosen – I promise you that when candidates have been chosen, we will make it public”, he said.

According to Steele, both he and Sen. David are willing to serve their party wherever they are called to do so but the reality of the situation is that NNP has options in candidate selection.

“I would say that this party unlike other parties; this party has choices and it’s because we have choices that you are raising this question. I am just simply happy and proud that I belong to a party that has choices and I have said that I am willing to serve and will continue to serve my nation and my party.

“…Hon Peter David has also said the same and this party is a party of unity. We are focusing on serving the people, we are focusing on winning the next election and we will put the right team forward to the people.

David is said to be putting structures in place to take over the Constituency from Steele for the upcoming general election.

Apart from telling scores of people that he would be the official NNP candidate, David has reportedly identified a building on St. John’s Street to serve as his legal and political office.

There are unconfirmed reports that Steele is heading for the South St. George constituency that was won in the 2013 poll by Alexandra Otway-Noel who resigned just over a month ago as a member of the Mitchell-led government.

Otway-Noel has not stated categorically that she would not be offering herself up once again to contest the seat on a ticket of NNP.

Minister Steele told reporters that although the date has not been announced for the upcoming general election, he is excited about the poll.

“I am glad that you (reporters) are already interested in elections and I am beginning to get excited about elections. I too am interested and excited about (the) elections coming up. We have a constitutional deadline, the person who decides as to when the election is going to be is Dr. The Right Hon. Keith Mitchell; he hasn’t given any indications as yet,” he said.

Many political analysts have predicted that the most likely date for the election is sometime between November and December.

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