Dilapidated wall poses threat to River Road users

At least one concerned motorist has spoken out about the potential dangers posed to pedestrians and motorists travelling along the River Road Main Road by a section of the dilapidated wall that runs along the St. George’s Cemetery in the River Road area.

Sections of the dilapidated wall

The River Road Main Road is a high traffic area providing access to several schools along the route and connections to surrounding communities.

These include Mt. Gay, Mt. Rush, Tempe, Ravine, Boca, Beaulieu, Snug Corner, The Glean, Constantine, Willis/New Hampshire and Vendomme, with access to the Grand Etang Main Road, which leads into the Birchgrove community and the Town of Grenville.

Speaking with THE NEW TODAY newspaper on Monday, a motorist and frequent user of the road expressed concern with the current state of the wall, which she indicated could be at least 50 years old.

“One morning, about a month ago, I was driving to work when the traffic built up in that area and when I looked to my left, I noticed a big crack in a section of the wall, which was tilted over the road…”, she said.

“That was actually the first time I notice that the wall was in that state…it looks as though it has been in that state for a very long time, as if it would fall apart at anytime, she added.

The concerned road user called on the authorities to address the wall before something happens there.

“The wall is very thick (and) if it falls it would do a lot of damage…and you can see that it (the wall) was recently freshly painted…I see it as a disaster waiting to happen. Something has to be done….

“I (am) very concerned because it reminded me of the piece of wall that fell on the woman in Hope killing her instantly.

This is reference to the November 2015 fatality in which 44-year-old Sherma Thomas was killed by a portion of collapsed wall in the village of Hope in St. Andrew.

The female motorist was fearful that the authorities would wait until the wall actually collapses and causes a causality or even a fatality at worst before taking action to refurbish it.

She urged the authorities to “don’t wait until the wall falls and damages somebody before you fix it”.

“Fix it before it falls and damage somebody,” the concerned motorist charged.

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