Young Leaders 2017 aims to make a difference in communities

The theme “I am we: Volunteering for Impact” for the Young Leaders Competition 2017 is expected to allow students to make tangible and sustainable difference for a group within their communities through volunteerism.

Students and teachers at launch of 2017 programme

The launch of the 2017 competition was done recently at the RBC/RBTT Bank, St. George’s Office in the presence of teachers and students of the participating schools Country Manager for the Bank, Musa Jasat who addressed the gathering said the programme is to empower youth, young minds and contribute to the development of the country and the region for its contribution to the wholistic development of young people throughout the Caribbean.

Jasat also boasted about the number of recognition and awards the programme has received over the years.

“The RBC/RBTT Young Leaders Programme has received several awards. Most recently the achievement of our RBC/RBTT young leaders programme was recognised during Prince Harry’s visit to Grenada where last year’s winners were able to showcase their win to the Prince”, he said.

“The young ladies from St. Joseph’s Convent in Grenville proudly shared their project which focuses on directing other youngsters to improve in their behaviour and school performance,” he added.

The banker manager was confident that the spirit of volunteerism that will be showcased by the different schools will not only thrust the programme further ahead successfully but create outstanding young men and women.

“Volunteerism is an admirable quality to be developed from an early age and teaching one to focus not only on oneself but externally for others with the objective of making a positive and impactful change is what we are aiming towards… we encourage our young leaders to embrace this opportunity,” he said.

Coordinator of the Young Leaders Programme, Margaret Flemming noted that this year’s theme will emphasise the importance of working together.

“The theme for this year’s RBTT/RBC Young Leader’s Competition is a challenge to our young leaders to be a beacon of hope for the future of their community and society. It provokes their commitment to participate in this charade which would impact the fabric of society and strengthen the essential structure of our culture”, she said.

“…If there is one thing that must be emphasised is that there is strength in numbers…we can hear in this theme the clarion call for each one – I, together we too feel motivated to join the campaign and contribute to making a positive impact on the society,” she remarked.

The school that took the title as winners of the young leaders 2016 was St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Andrew’s and sharing her experience in working with the young women, teacher at the school, Kareen Christopher said there is a lot to be instilled in the students to ensure that they indeed grasp the concept of leadership.

“The Young Leaders Programme is intended to bring out leadership qualities in the young people that are in our care. That’s the main objective of the young leaders programme…all the activities that we undertake are supposed to lead up to these things, bringing out the leadership qualities. Sometime these students already have these qualities and they are demonstrating it, so what we have to do is that we have to strengthen these qualities,” she said.

She stressed that team spirit, fair play and understanding that losing is possible are some of the attributes her students leave with at the end of the programme.

“For us team spirit is very important; without that our programme, our project would not have come out as it did. Everybody had to work together and do their bits and pieces individually and collectively. Fair play – you have to learn to do things fairly. You want people to treat you fairly, you have to treat them fairly; fair play is very important. Do what you have to do and do it right.

“…We have to prepare these young people that regardless of if they win or they lose, they have to do it with grace. We have to be willing to teach these young people that they are getting ready for life out there; they won’t win all the time and when they do lose something, they have to be able to do so with grace.

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