Legislation to stop Styrofoam coming

The importation and restriction of the use of Styrofoam receptacles may soon become a thing of the past in Grenada, according to Health Minister Nickolas Steele.

Appearing on a recent television programme, the Minister said that hopefully in the first quarter of this year, he was looking forward to bringing legislation to parliament to restrict or ban the importation of Styrofoam into the country.

Littering continues to be a major problem on the island, and Styrofoam receptacles are believed to be one of the main materials causing the littering.

Last year, anti-litter legislation was passed in both Houses of Parliament to curb the problem in the country.

However, the Health Minister acknowledged that legislation can come into effect but they need to be enforced and it takes manpower and under the current fiscal constraint it has been a bit difficult.

He said while it is not impossible to enforce the anti-litter law, government is hopeful that within the first quarter of the year there will be a solution to the problem.

The senior Government Minister announced that he has been discussing the issue with his colleague ministers in order to begin to enforce the anti-litter legislation.

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