This release is made in response to the article published on the 27th January 2017 in the New Today Newspaper with headline ‘“Eyes” on Levera Developer’ and found on pages 1, 3 and 4 of the publication.

The said article contains serious defamatory statements of and concerning the Grenada Citizenship Development Limited and Levera Trading Limited and was and is designed to inflict severe, lasting and damaging harm to the viability of the development and to the reputation of

The facts relating to Mr. Robert Martin Oveson’s investment in Mexico are as follows:

(i). Before 2008 and the world economic crisis the Masons had invested in a development in Mexico in which Robert Martin Oveson was involved as a director of the development company by purchasing an off-plan condominium. Mr. Oveson is no longer a director of this company.

(ii). The Masons made an initial investment of approximately US$90,000.00 in the Mexico development. The foundation was started but not completed, as the other buyers in the building did not comply with their financial obligations for payment which may all have been attributable to the economic crisis.

The investment by the Masons were used in the project and covered architectural, engineering, planning approval and legal fees. The remaining funds were used in the foundation pouring.

(iii). The resort development in Mexico and the building in which the Mason’s invested, had extensive infrastructure in operations including a beach club, large pool, underground electricity, water tank and fresh water piping throughout.

The resort development investors, all USA based, have more than US$7,000,000.00 capital invested in the Project.

(iv). As we are all aware, many projects in the region spanning St. Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla, St. Lucia and in many other countries including Mexico were affected by the world economic crisis and the dramatic fall in property prices.

In Mexico, the problem was even further exacerbated with a dramatic downturn in tourism in the region. The development project in Mexico therefore stalled but was in no way attributed to any of the allegations published in the Newspaper and by the Masons.

(v). The Masons signed an agreement directly with the Development Company in Mexico and Robert Martin Oveson signed the agreement as a director of the company. However, the Masons chose to sue the former director in his personal capacity. The cases were eventually dismissed and there is no judgment subsisting against Mr. Oveson.

The Masons it would seem had tried to have a judgment entered against the former director without any of the claims being served on him.

The Masons had succeeded in having a judgment entered against Mr. Oveson and endeavoured to use this judgment to demand monies from him.

These attempts at wrongfully extracting funds from him have failed.

The Masons, are understandably unhappy about the development in Mexico but their actions here in Grenada are designed to inflict reputational harm against the project and against the Ovesons personally.

Robert Martin Oveson has ceased to be a director in both companies since December, 2016. He continues to play key roles in running the Levera project.

Mr. Oveson has a clean Interpol, FBI, and Mexico Police records.

Furthermore, in 2016 the Nevis island Administration did a full due diligence background check on Mr. Oveson which was found to (be) clean and satisfactory.

The parties reserve all their rights.

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