THE NEW TODAY can confirm that U.S national, Robert Martin Oveson who was once identified as the brainchild behind the multi-million dollar Levera development project in St. Patrick has a criminal record in Utah.

The criminal record as lodged in a local court in Utah in the United States of Robert Martin Oveson who landed in the Spice Isle as a promoter of the Levera project in St. Patrick

The State Prosecutor office in Utah has provided this newspaper with copies of the 2012 conviction of Oveson on charges of Assault, Burglary, and Domestic Violence.

Judge Todd M. Shaughnessy sentenced the accused to jail time in the matter heard in the 3rd District CT- Silver Summit court.

The court papers sent to our News Desk reveal that the State Prosecutor who had carriage of the matter was Joy Natale while attorney-at-law, Bruce Savage, represented Oveson.

This conviction that was unearth by THE NEW TODAY contrasts sharply with a statement put out by the Developers of Levera who promoted Oveson as one with a clean record.

“Mr. Oveson has a clean Interpol, FBI, and Mexico Police records. Furthermore, in 2016 the Nevis island Administration did a full due diligence background check on Mr. Oveson which was found to (be) clean and satisfactory”, the Levera Group said in a statement issued Monday.

The company also sought to downplay the involvement of Oveson in the project by stating that he has ceased to be a director in both companies in Grenada since December 2016 but admitted that he “continues to play key roles in running the Levera Project”.

The specific charges for which Oveson was found guilty are Assault, Attempt to do bodily harm on another person, Criminal Trespass knowing entry was unlawful and Domestic Violence in the presence of a child.

The convictions against Oveson are recorded in Case No. 121500106 in the State of Utah.
A local attorney who was shown the Criminal charges filed against Oveson offered the comment: “This man seems to have a streak of violence in him”.

This newspaper has not been able to get in contact with Oveson through lawyers known to be representing him – Claudia Propilla in California and the local law firm of AFI Ventour and Co.

However, a reporter who managed to pose a question to attorney Ventour on Oveson’s alleged conviction in Utah was offered the following comment: “I am not at liberty to say anything”.

A number of U.S and Canadian citizens have been tracking Oveson over the years seeking the return of thousands of dollars given to him for houses in a failed project in Mexico in 2008.

The controversial American has surfaced in Grenada along with his brother, Randall Oveson and set up two companies to do business – Levera Trading Ltd and Grenada Citizenship Development Ltd which is alledgedly linked to the passport-selling scheme initiated by the Keith Mitchell-led administration.

The controversial Robert Martin Oveson stands on the extreme right in a photo that includes PM Keith Mitchell who is on a hunt for foreign investors for the New National Party (NNP) government

THE NEW TODAY had carried an exclusive story on Oveson in last week’s issue under the front page headline banner: “Eyes” on the Levera Developer”.

In that expose, Canadian national, Robert Mason said that he was pursuing an Extradition Order that he secured from law enforcement officials in Mexico to get Interpol to execute an arrest warrant on the Levera Developer for alleged fraud.

According to Mason, he and several other U.S and Canadian citizens were cheated out of thousands of dollars in a Condo-style housing project that Oveson was promoting in Manzanillo in Mexico.

He spoke of advancing thousands of dollars to the Levera Developer who did not build the Housing unit for him and failed to return the monies that were sent to him in advanced payment.

A number of other persons have come forward to paint Oveson as a businessman who should be avoided by the Mitchell-led government in St. George’s.

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