Mt. Agnes gets treated water for the first time

As a result of government paying off outstanding payments to the island’s lone water company, NAWASA, the people of Mt Agnes and Pomme Rose, will be benefitting from treated pipe borne water for the first time.

Officials of Government and NAWASA sit at the head table

The $1.8 Million Mt Agnes Water Treatment Plant was commissioned last Thursday at Mt Agnes in the presence of NAWASA officials and Parliamentary Representative for the parish of St. David, Economic Development Minister, Oliver Joseph.

The water treatment plant will also serve the areas of Pomme Rose, La Tante and Requin.

This is the second of a number of water treatment plants to be commissioned as NAWASA seeks to provide the people of Grenada with convenient access to water.

General Manager of the state-owned utility, Christopher Husbands who addressed the gathering at the function last Thursday said NAWASA is committed to providing quality service to the people and with the commitment of the government can put more effort into the company’s capital projects.

“The project will mark a first for over a hundred persons in this Mt Agnes area who up to this point have never had access to treated water. They were always receiving raw water from the dam because they resided above what used to be the old treatment”, he said.

“…This is phase one of two. Within the next 6 months we have approximately another 30-35 households above this site that will for the first time get pipe borne water – they have never had access to pipe borne water. So, in total we would expect that upwards of about 300 persons by the middle of this year will now be receiving a safe supply of portable water which is our intention certainly for the entire island of Grenada,” he added.

The Member of Parliament for St. David told the function that the event marked the fulfillment of a promise made to the people of Pomme Rose and surrounding areas during the 2013 election campaign and the New National Party (NNP) “is delivering”.

“As a government we have listened to the complaints of the people. I said on the campaign that St David’s would get its fair share of development whether it is water, electricity, road, education, scholarship – every aspect of development. St. David’s will not be left behind,” said Minister Joseph.

The MP recalled that work on the project started in July 2015 with a work force of 19 persons.

He said the project was completed at a cost $1.8 million by NAWASA under its capital programme.

A look at the water treatment plant that will serve the community of Mt. Agnes

Chairman of NAWASA Board of Directors, Terrence Forrester who also spoke at the ceremony reiterated the utility’s commitment to provide water for all householders and encouraged residents to take care of the plant.

“Our national development plan within NAWASA speaks and meets the needs of the government plans.  So, in other words, whatever vision the government has, the goals that they have set, the accomplishments that they wish to see into the future, NAWASA like a small buggy moves throughout the small roads to ensure that this happens”, he said.

“…I want to ask the people of Apres Toute and Pomme Rose in particular to look after this plant.

This is your plant, don’t let anybody come and mess it up. This is your plant, providing a valuable service to the people of St. David and beyond. You have an equal responsibility to ensure that this facility which has been developed here, that has cost millions of dollars, you protect it because it is for you and your children and for this nation’s future development,” Forrester said.
he commissioning of another NAWASA project will be done in Spring Gardens St. Andrew during the month of February.

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