Youth Ambassador Breaks Ranks

Former Grenada Youth Ambassador, Joel Greenidge is among members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Spokesperson Council.

Joel Greenidge – to speak on Youth affairs

Greenidge was, last Saturday identified as the NDC Spokesperson for Youth and Youth Development during the launch of the council at the Grenville Car Park in St. Andrew’s.

Political Leader, Senator Nazim Burke who presented the list of persons on the NDC Spokesperson Council described Greenidge who was previously associated with the New National Party (NNP) as being someone who has made Grenada proud as a Caricom Youth Ambassador as well.

Greenidge is previously from Vincennes, St. David’s, but now resides at Tempe, St. George’s.

Sen. Burke told the gathering that Grenada has one of the highest unemployment rates of any country in the world.

He said that for years, the young people have been neglected, having been told since 1995 that jobs will be provided to them.

The Congress Leader noted that over the past four years, Congress has been spending a lot of time talking to many persons throughout Grenada to get a better understanding of their circumstances.

“(It) was to get from them, from the horse’s mouth what was their plight, what were their challenges, what were their hopes and their dreams, and their aspirations for themselves and their children, and their families,” he said.

According to Sen. Burke, NDC has discovered that the people have reached a stage where they have lost confidence in the ruling New National Party (NNP) Government of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell.

He spoke of the people now believing that the Prime Minister and his party are no longer capable of offering Grenada any change in the future.

He said Congress has recognised that most people firmly believe that Grenada deserves better, and can do better under a different government.

“We have come to realise that the majority of Grenadians today no longer support the New National Party,” he remarked.

However, Sen. Burke warned his party supporters against being complacent especially in light of the pending general election.

He said the fact that the majority of Grenadians no longer support NNP does not translate into automatic support for Congress.

“We in the National Democratic Congress have to give the people a reason to vote for us. We must give them a reason to support us, we must demonstrate by our words and our deeds that we are committed to the future, we are committed to the development, and we want to see better for Grenada and all of the citizens in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique,” he added.

Sen. Burke alluded to three important ingredients to win the confidence of the Grenadian people.

He said the first ingredient is convincing the people that Congress has a plan for Grenada’s future.

“We must present a clear, credible, convincing plan for the future of our country,” he remarked.

The Congress Leader said the main opposition Political Party has begun that process by having already presented a National Policy Agenda.

The second ingredient, he said was having “a team” and that NDC has put together a team of “genuine patriots” who have been tried and tested in various professions, having been in government before, and who held important positions in education, sports, and tourism.
Sen. Burke identified the third ingredient as having a clear, convincing message to take to the nation.

He stressed that after careful consultation, consideration, deliberation and internal discussions the party has now identified “the messengers” who will speak on behalf of the party.

The Party Leader spoke of why the launch took place in Grenville.

He said Congress has a growing concern about the economic situation in the rural communities.

Sen. Burke indicated that NDC has noticed the massive decline in the living conditions of the people of St. Patrick’s, the four constituencies in St. Andrew’s, as well as St. Mark’s.

He said these communities which primarily depend on agriculture have been deprived for many years as many of the people who depend on agriculture for their survival have been going through very difficult times.

Caretaker for St. David’s, Adrian “Persuader” Thomas has been assigned the task of speaking on agriculture on behalf of the NDC.

Sen. Burke said Congress believes that agriculture and agri-business is the backbone of the Grenadian economy, stating that the resuscitation of that sector must take centre stage, and must be given top priority.

Sen. Burke said many of the people have lost their personal income, and indicated that right in St. Andrew’s the banks “have started drifting away from the parish.

He stated that one of the biggest challenges being faced in the country is how to get the rural economy ticking once more.

“The development of our rural communities is a top priority of any National Democratic Congress Administration,” he told the ceremony.

Former Social Worker, Ann John who is the NDC Caretaker for St. Patrick’s East is tasked with the responsibility of carrying the Congress message on rural development.

Meanwhile, a former banker is tipped to join the team of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The St. Mark’s Constituency Branch of the NDC has announced that its branch meeting on January 30th will endorse its new Caretaker.

St. Mark’s is one of two constituencies that has been without an NDC Caretaker following the 2013 General Elections.

Congress is trying to make a political comeback in the country following its 15-0 defeat at the hands of NNP in the last general election.

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