NDC to unveil Council of spokespersons on Saturday

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has announced plans to unveil its newly established Council of Spokespersons on Saturday in keeping with its recently launched policy Agenda for the period 2017-2030.

Party Chairman, Vincent Roberts, who made the announcement during the weekly NDC press conference on Monday, said an activity is planned for 4 p.m. at the Grenville Car Park in St. Andrew.

Roberts told reporters that the Council of Spokespersons should not be interpreted or mistaken as a Shadow Cabinet.

“A lot of people are familiar with what is often referred to as a Shadow Cabinet,” (but with) the Council of Spokespersons, there is a move away from that because this is not really a Shadow Cabinet”, he said.

“We have identified people who will speak on specific areas of policy and of interest (so) that way the yoke can be spread across a wider group whereby making the tilling much easier,” he added.

Sources told THE NEW TODAY that a number of young faces like Ali Dowden and Tevin Andrew have been identified to speak on some major party issues.

Policy Agenda, which outlines the party’s plans for the next 13 years, was launched last September under the theme “Investing in our future today.”

Congress Leader Senator Nazim Burke said the document defines the 26 broad policy goals of the NDC that is intended for use as a guide in the decision-making process and provides a platform that puts young people at the centre of the decision-making table.

The document incorporates the vision of the NDC and its commitments towards building a stronger nation and focuses on 12 core principles – acknowledging the supremacy of God, Patriotism/love for country, demonstrating a high level of personal integrity, advancing the principles of self reliance, securing economic and social development, putting people first, empowering young people, education; protecting the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged; protecting our women and children, recognising the value of the Diaspora, and engaging social partners.

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