78 Police Officers receive promotion

Acting Commissioner of Police, Winston James has distanced himself from being engaged in corrupt practices in the selection process of Police Officers for promotion within the rank of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

The officers who now hold down the positions in the High Command of the force

James who was addressing the second phase of police promotion that took place at the conference room of the Special Services Unit (SSU) at Camp Salines, St. George’s on Tuesday spoke of having heard of a Police Officer being dissatisfied with the first phase of promotion that was done by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

“I understand that a certain Police Officer listened to the news and he listened to a list of names in that news and said that he would be promoted, according to the list. Couple days after, I understand that some persons were called by the Public Service Commission, and that Police Officer did not get a call so he started to make queries as to why he was not called to the extent of saying that his name was removed from the list. It was brought to my attention and all I had to tell him is that this… Acting Commissioner of Police did not provide any list to anyone outside of the Police Force, neither to any news media,” he said.

Commissioner James indicated that through the Constitution of Grenada, the PSC is responsible for the promotion of Inspector of Police upward, and not the Commissioner of Police.

Acting ACP Trevor Modeste – being congratulated by ACP Michael Francois

He declared that according to the constitution, the Commissioner of Police is responsible for promoting persons within the ranks of Corporals and Sergeants and that took effect on January 16.

Over the past two weeks, 78 Police Officers moved up the ranks.

Thirty-six were done by the PSC, and the remaining 43 were done by Commissioner James.

The Acting Commissioner who lashed out at the media said, “I wonder if there is any member of the press who can say they’re dissatisfied with anyone that was presented here… I hope not.”

He warned the media against doing anything that will undermine the security of RGPF.

He said the media has now seen the official list of promoted Officers “as presented by the Commissioner of Police, and the Public Service Commission.”

He said the High Command expects to hear the negatives and already have begun hearing that and it will continue for sometime.

Sgt Theophilus Richards – promoted from the rank of Corporal

Commissioner James said he is confident that each of the elevated Police Officers will continue to perform in an efficient and effective manner to make the police force and the country very proud.

However, he said the promoted men and women are now placed in an enviable position, as their colleagues and the wider public will monitor them.

“I want to warn you that there (are) a number of persons outside there with ulterior motives who have already infiltrated some persons who have not yet been selected or considered for promotion,” he remarked.

The Acting Commissioner advised his subordinates to stay away from corruption and activities that will bring their reputation, and the reputation of RGPF into disrepute.

He said because of the limited number of existing vacancies his Executive was not in a position to consider everyone.

According to Acting COP James, when he received the list for promotion, he made a request to the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) Government for expansion in the ranks of RGPF as a result of the Structural Adjustment Programme.

He said approval was given, and as a result they were able to accommodate 12 more persons for promotion.

The island’s chief cop noted that although he broadened the promotion list, he still could not satisfy everybody who is eligible for promotion.

Immigration Officer Karen Dunbar elevated to rank of Sergeant

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Franklyn Redhead who also addressed the promotion ceremony stated that everyone who should be promoted would not be promoted at the same time, adding that vacancies play a critical role.

Redhead who chaired the selection committee indicated that promotion within the force is always a very contentious issue.

In commending those who were elevated, he said it was a very difficult process in deciding who should go forward, indicating that the selection committee believes it had made the right decision in the promotion.

He stated that promotion is done based on the human resource imperatives of the organisation.

“Not everyone will agree with what those imperatives are, but certainly in the context of how the decision has been made, I want you to be assured that the decision has to do with the overall efficiency of the organization,” he said.

Redhead explained that promotion is a mechanism of rewarding hard work, rewarding potential of the individual, rewarding diligence, and ensuring that the future potential of the organisation is looked at, and not necessarily what an individual may think or want.

The Deputy Commissioner admonished the newly promoted Officers to shoulder their responsibilities skillfully and informed them that the Executive of RGPF is looking at the broader perspective of things in moving the institution forward as they have a key role to play in ensuring the future viability of the institution.

He believes those promoted have an opportunity to contribute to this successfully by demonstrating sacrifice as supervisors.

“It is about performance, it is about attitude, it is about issues of confidentiality, it is a range of factors when decisions are made,” he said.

”So we have done what we think is necessary in terms of moving the RGPF forward, addressing the concerns of members, and ensuring that there are the right people with the right skills-set in the right places to continue to ensure that the RGPF remains relevant and efficient,” he added.

Letters of appointments were presented to the first batch of Police Officers who were promoted two weeks ago by the PSC, effective December 1st, 2016.

They include an Acting Deputy Commissioner in the person of Edvin Martin, confirmed Assistant Commissioner of Police Jessmon Prince, and Trevor Modeste who is confirmed as Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police.

The others are seven Acting Superintendents of Police, 11 Acting Assistant Superintendents, and 16 Inspectors.

Following is the full list of the new promotions:-


Edvin Martin

Jessmon Prince (Confirmation)
Trevor Modeste (Acting ACP)


*Sylvan Mc Intyre
*Glen Paul
*Leroy Langaigne
*Gregory Mathurine
*Solomon Stafford
*Earl Dunbar
*Bryan Hurst


*Wayne Wilson
*Anthony George
*Terrence Julien
*Simon Dickson
*Linford Kingston
*Doyle Stanislaus
*Nola Lewis
*Bernard Nelson
*Paul Christopher
*Richard Langdon
*Watson Edwards


*Glen Charles
*Linford Cummings
*David Nelson
*Trevor Rodney
*Kenny Stanislaus
*Raymond Lockiby
*Garson Gill
*Michael Pursue
*Terrence Mason
*Reginald Sylvester
*Gillian Thomas
*Andy Lewis
*Errolyn Garraway
*Wilbur Francis
*Adrine Lewis
*Randel Baptiste


*CPL.  No. 369 Patrick ROBERTS
*CPL.  No. 357 Keith LYNCH
*CPL.  No. 119 Mike MODESTE
*CPL.  No. 45 Marlon MITCHELL
*CPL.  No. 136 Derek BLACKETTE
*CPL.  No. 725 Winston DAVID
*W/CPL.  No. 102 Karen DUNBAR
*CPL.  No. 228 Theophilus RICHARDS
*CPL.  No. 97 Gary GILL
*CPL.  No. 716 Clement THOMAS
*CPL.  No. 683 Tennyson LEWIS
*CPL.  No. 348 Joseph ROMAIN
*CPL.  No. 827 Kendell SMITH
*CPL.  No. 663 Trevor MC INTOSH
*CPL.  No. 42 Chris CAMPBELL
*CPL.  No. 558 Milton EDWARDS
*CPL.  No. 180 Dexter ROBERTS
*CPL.  No. 505 Adrian PANCHOO
*W/CPL.  No. 115 Francesca NOEL
*CPL.  No. 688 Ryan MC DONALD
*CPL.  No. 364 Dennis POWLETTE


*P.C. No. 70 Attiba LEWIS
*P.C. No. 147 Kerry SWAN
*P.C. No. 772   Wendell RENNIE
*P.C. No. 204 Leon JOHN
*W/P.C No. 200 Neisha GILBERT
*W/PC No. 870 Natalie JEFFREY
*W/PC No. 393 Orchid JULIEN
*P.C. No. 665 Mickey CHARLES
*P.C.  No. 807 James PHILBERT
*P.C. No. 746 Leon MITCHELL
*P.C. No. 25 Rodney GEORGE
*P.C. No. 529 Shevon BUBB
*P.C. No. 160 Reginald CUMMINGS
*P.C. No. 420 Derick MODESTE
*P.C. No. 359 Eric JONES
*P.C. No. 561 Damian DANIEL
*P.C. No. 555 Collins CHARLES
*P.C. No. 175 Augustine MITCHELL
*P.C. No. 530 Fabian BETHEL
*W/PC No. 553  Kimnasha DOUGLAS
*P.C. No. 737 Nigel JOSEPH
*P.C. No. 851 Vincent JOSEPH

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