RGPF to crackdown on firebombs

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is reporting a limited number of criminal offences being committed over the Christmas holiday season but the lawmen are concerned over the increasing use of firebombs by some civilians.

ASP Sylvan Mc Intrye – firebombs are illegal

Officer in Charge of the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the force, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Sylvan McIntyre, said a tourist who came to the island on a cruise ship was injured in St. George’s when a firebomb went off.

According to ASP McIntyre the police force is not sure how the firebombs are entering Grenada since it is illegal to bring them into the country.

“There was at least one disturbing occurrence where one of these bombs was discharged in a crowded area around the market.

Unfortunately, it was at the time when there were tourists visiting the area and one female tourist – one of her legs was injured in the process”, he told this newspaper.

”There were visible signs of some sort of abrasion, there was blood, very visible and so she was taken back or she asked to be taken back to the cruise ship,” he said.

According to ASP Mc Intyre, every Grenadian should be mindful of the negative impact such an incident can have on Grenada as people can feel that they are not safe coming to the island.

He said that some people associate explosions with acts of terrorism and can have traumatising effects on them.

“I am sure that would be part of our review for 2017. We’re looking for the loopholes as to where these things (firebombs) are getting in and how we can fine and penalise more persons for doing that,” he added.
ASP Mc Intyre wanted to assure the public that this problem will be vigorously addressed in 2017 by RGPF.

“…Threatening the tourist industry is really threatening the future of our country and we don’t want that to be happening. It is really something we think our public needs to be more informed on – that it is illegal to import or to have in their possession and to make use of.

“The other factor is the health issue risk associated. I have had persons reported or people reported to us that there was at least one senior citizen that went to the hospital because of the sudden impact of the explosion and that in itself could be fatal.

ASP McIntyre reported that the holiday season was relatively quiet in terms of incidents as there were not any major crimes committed.

“There were some reports of domestic violence, not necessarily attributed to any particular thing that we can put our finger on but we have attended to a few domestic reports”, he said.

ASP Mc Intye referred to a specific case in which a party of up to ten officers had to deal with a domestic violence report, as children were involved as the male person involved was considered as “very violent”.

The CRD boss attributed the quiet season to the engagement of the police force with the public on the do’s and don’ts for the season.

“That may have paid out in some respects because people had said that they found the information very useful and again, maybe as we insisted on directing our efforts to some areas that we think people really needed to pay attention to and because information became more relatively available”, he told this newspaper.

“Again, we cannot just give ourselves the tap on the shoulder…our public by and large has become more receptive. I think people are becoming to see police slowly in a different light and that is reassuring…”, he said.

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