Houses of Parliament in 2018

There is renewed hope that the Houses of Parliament will finally be in place by 2018.

Word of this has come from Minister of Works, Gregory Bowen while making his contribution to the debate on the 2017 Budget.

“After November 2018, the Parliament of Grenada will be having its home,” said Minister Bowen who is the Leader of Government Business in the Lower House.

The Works Minister told his fellow Parliamentarians that ten million United States Dollars have been earmarked for the construction work.

But another five million U.S is required to complete it.

The construction of the Houses of Parliament is being part-financed by the Government of Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates through grants.

Minister Bowen said the foundation is already complete, and government is at the stage of ordering the structural steel for the project.

He said the Chief Technical Officer in the Ministry of Works along with the team of contractors have already traveled to China to ensure that the steel is fabricated to the required strength and standard.

The new parliament building will be located at the Governor General’s property at Mt. Wheldale.

Another project earmarked to get off the ground shortly is the Sheila Memorial Library in St. George’s at a cost of three million dollars.

That project is to be part-funded by the Constantinian Order, and Minister Bowen said his government is hoping to source grant funding in order to make it a reality.

During a visit to Grenada last year, the Sacred Military Constantinian Order pledged one million British pound sterling in projects for Grenada.

The senior Government Minister announced that the Food and Nutrition Council Building is earmarked for use by the Government Information Service (GIS).

Minister Bowen said that as soon as the Ministry of Finance clears the 2017 budget, the contract for construction work will be awarded for this project.

Minister Bowen reported that the design for the Simon Cultural Centre has already been drawn up, and government is looking at a public/private partnership to undertake the construction of the project and to operate the facility.

The senior Government Minister also provided the Lower House with the financial intake from the Ministry of Works.

Market fees collected for 2016 amounted to $367,962, rentals from booths and market stalls brought in $3,650.00.

Electrical inspection fees netted $253,730, Physical Planning brought in $241,000, Birth certificate application forms raked in $10,725, building project fees accounted for $8,750, public toilet fees cashed in $30,850, and $44,106 from bus route stickers.

Minister Bowen also provided the House with the financial collections from the various markets.

The Grenville Market brought in $250,000 and according to the Works Minister, there are some vendors who are in arrears and have already been given warning notices.

Government has collected $135,740 from the St. George’s Market.

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