Four arrested in the death of Grenadian teen in Toronto

The New Year has brought with it some signs of justice for the family of 17-year-old Jarryl Hagley from Vincennes in St. David, who was shot dead inside a restaurant in Toronto, Canada last October.

Jarryl Hagley, 17, who was killed while eating in a restaurant with friends

Toronto police last week Thursday arrested and charged two men, Winston Poyser, 24, and Shakiyl Shaw, 23, with first-degree murder in the death of the 17-year-old.

Additionally, a Canada-wide arrest warrant was issued for two other men believed to be involved in the shooting – Lenneil Shaw, 23, and Mohamed Ali Nur, 18, both of Toronto, who surrendered themselves last week Friday morning.

According to reports out of Toronto, the four suspects arrested in connection with Hagley’s death were expected to make first appearances before Toronto court last week Thursday and Friday, respectively.

The shooting happened on October 16, 2016, at a Pizza restaurant at 1937 Weston Rd, near Lawrence Avenue West.

Hagley, who would have turned 18 on January 1, was eating in the restaurant with friends when gunmen entered and opened fire in their direction.

The deceased teenager along with his friends ran into a washroom for cover where paramedics found them.

Hagley, who did not have a criminal record was the only one injured as a result of the shooting.

He was rushed to the nearby Sunnybrook Hospital after life-saving measures were performed on him but was later pronounced dead.

The deceased is a close relative of Daisy Hazzard who works in the Ministry of Education but is now studying in China.

From the initial stages of the incident, police investigators felt that the shooting was targeted at the group Hagley was with, though not necessarily at him directly.

One family member in an interview with THE NEW TODAY following his  death last October described the deceased teenager as being a “blessing to the family”.

The teenager, who left the island approximately eight years ago for Canada to live with his mother, leaves behind three younger brothers, ages 11, 10 and seven.

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