Darbeau resident facing charge of wounding

Darbeau resident, Rohan Charles has been arrested and charged by police with wounding in connection with an incident that occurred during the Sunshine Promotions’ “A December to Remember Show” at the National Stadium on the weekend of December 23.

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY indicate that during the wee hours of Friday night (December 23) into Saturday morning (December 24.

Rohan Charles, who inflicted wounds on a teenager over the Christmas holidays

Charles got into an altercation with an 18-year old and inflicted 3 stab wounds to her head and face with an instrument that appeared to be a screw driver.

When the matter came up before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill at the No. 1 Magistrate’s Court in St. George’s on December 29, the young lady revealed that she received 1 stitch to each wound.

The 27-year old Charles who was picked up by police on December 27 acknowledged using “a small screw driver (which he) uses to fix watches,” to inflict the wounds on the teenager.

However, the accused told the court that he is the victim in this case as in his view the young lady was the aggressor.

In an attempt to defend his actions, Charles, who was not represented by counsel said, at the time of the altercation he was engaged in a conversation with another female when he felt the teenager “juke” him in his back with an umbrella, which led to the brawl.

“She was the aggressor, she juke me up with her umbrella…she scratch up all my neck,” he said as he raised up his shirt in an attempt to show the court the injuries sustained.

The Police Prosecutor objected to bail for Charles on the ground that he has at least 30 previous convictions covering the period 2002-14, ranging from assault, wounding, attempted robbery, robbery with violence and causing harm.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the accused also has matters pending in the local court.
The Chief Magistrate took the decision to deny bail and remanded Charles to the Richmond Hill prison until January 9 and then again on January 20 for mention; while a trial date has been set for January 30.

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