Strengthening Praedial Larceny and control

In 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture will use increased methods in tackling the issue of Praedial Larceny, one of them being the establishment of a special court session to deal exclusively with the problem.

Praedial Larceny has become one of the most increased crimes affecting the country, with the hard work of farmers being reaped and sold by thieves.

According to Minister of Agriculture, Yolande Bain-Horsford, the problem of Praedial Larceny remains a challenge for the Ministry and other stakeholders within the Agriculture Sector.

She told Parliament that approximately more than 25% of total farm output is lost as a result of Praedial Larceny.

She said there needs to be heavy emphasis placed on making this a thing of the past and the Ministry will do this by continued collaboration with the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

“In 2017 the ministry will continue to place keen focus on the registration of vendors and pursuing the establishment of a special court session to deal exclusively with issues of Praedial Larceny. The ministry will be collaborating with the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to increase surveillance of farms and increase inspection of vendors and traffickers of agricultural produce,” she remarked.

Minister Bain-Horsford praised the Praedial Larceny Task Force for the efforts they have been making over the years to help the situation as she knows how much of a task it is.

“Before stating the achievements of the Praedial Larceny programme, I must place on record my appreciation for the work being done by the Praedial Larceny Task Force – that’s not an easy area to deal with. You know how thieves operate, these days they’re smarter than even the police because the strategies and the things that they are doing these days Mr. Speaker, you can’t catch the thief. I want to thank the task force for the mileage, what they have done so far in trying to curb this terrible scourge,” she said.

The female government minister spoke of other initiatives that will be developed in 2017.

“The Ministry continues to engage the office of the Commissioner of Police to assist with initiatives geared at reducing the number of farmer complaints that are not received or not attended to. Submissions are made to the office of the Attorney General for the critical amendment to the existing Praedial Larceny act to ensure improved law enforcement,” she said.

A fleet of vehicles will be handed over to the Ministry of Agriculture in 2017 and the Minister of Agriculture assured Parliament that some of those vehicles will be handed over to the Praedial Larceny Task Force.

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