Launch of Calendar for charitable purposes

One primary school student will be the recipient of the proceeds coming out of the sale of a 2017 calendar as a product of the newly launched Charity for Jewls, the brain child of a model with the Grenada Modeling Agency (GMA), Garia Walker.

 Garia Walker – President of Charity for Jewls

Garia Walker – President of Charity for Jewls

The calendar, “Pure Spice – Art of Grenada” was launched on Monday at the Grenada Craft Centre and is a manifestation of talent that is stifled within the country.

It showcases Grenadian models, artists, designers and local scenery as everything that is portrayed within the calendar is entirely Grenadian.

Member of Charity for Jewls, Garia Walker said the contents of the calendar exemplify the slogan “Pure Grenada.”

She said the calendar is the realisation of what is considered purity “in our Grenadian context, pure beauty, pure creativity; pure artistic ability”.

“We are not going to look just at the material aspect of the Calendar but the intangible contribution it would make because Charity for Jewls is the organisation that targets and would assist in helping the poor, the vulnerable, the needy; the children”, she remarked.

According to Walker, the essence of giving was instilled in her as a child and it is pleasure to make some other child smile in a way that she can.

“I grew up in an extended family where giving and sharing was engraved in me and it became a norm throughout my adolescent and adult life. I always thought of ways to do things that represent that part of my persona and this is how Charity for Jewls was conceived”, she said.

“…Everybody knows charity means to give willingly and Jewls which is our shortened abbreviation for Jewel was given to the organisation to highlight the need for the precious, the poor, and the vulnerable and to have a name that resonates with the people,” she added.

Treasurer of the Charity, Rickisha Phillip disclosed that this year’s proceeds will target a child but they are hoping to expand it as the charity grows.

“The calendar proceeds will be going towards a student we want to target for this year. The money will be given to students who start off their school term but in particular it would be a primary (school) student…”, she said.

The Calendar – Pure Spice – Art of Grenada

The Calendar – Pure Spice – Art of Grenada

“…We‘re looking at two or three more students that we can target later on in the year, 2017. For now our proceeds will go towards students to help them out in their development and making sure that they have education and are comfortable within the school system and later on we will be moving on to the older generation,” she added.

Designer of the character for the month of September, Decima Joseph gave her experience in putting together her piece for modeling.

“I liked prints. I wanted to incorporate a lot of colours, that’s why I chose two different prints. Coming up with a design was a bit challenging but when I figured out that I wanted to do prints, just getting the colours to match…it was really difficult…putting everything together took just about a day and some,” she said.

Another designer, Kyle Smith said it was good putting forth something for a good cause.

“The design on the calendar is a specially made bow tie…because of the print, the red, green, yellow and black – it will be released in February because of Independence. It’s a good initiative, it’s something different, it certainly will touch people…it will be effective and help create opportunities for the target students,” he remarked.

Designer of the Calender is Davanni Phillip who gave full support for the work of the group.

“It’s a positive cause; I am very pleased to be a part of it.  It’s for the charity and knowing that it will help people it gives me some sort of satisfaction,” he said.

The calendar will be on sale at the airport, Gittens Pharmacy and at the office of the Grenada Modeling Agency (GMA) at the Craft Centre for the price of the $45.

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