Grenadian student tops FCCA poster competition

For the first time ever, a Grenadian student, Cherise Blanche of the St. Andrew Anglican Secondary School (SAASS), has taken the top prize in the annual Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Poster competition.

Winners and finalists with Captain of the ship, Bob Oliver, other crew members, Minister Curwen, GTA representative, principal and teacher of the recognised schools

Winners and finalists with Captain of the ship, Bob Oliver, other crew members, Minister Curwen, GTA representative, principal and teacher of the recognised schools

Blanche received a US $3000 cheque for taking first place in the senior category of the poster competition for creatively showing ways to protect the environment by turning discarded items like tyres and cardboard into planters and storage containers in her poster, “Eliminate the Trash, Embrace the Future.”

The cheque was handed over at a short ceremony on board the Royal Princess cruise ship which was part of the top prize – an opportunity for the winner to be part of a site visit on one of the cruise ships owned by the company on a visit to the island.

The winner was accompanied to the ceremony by Principal of SAASS, Abel Jeffrey who also received a cheque of US $3000 to go towards purchasing supplies for the school.

Grenada had another student in the finals of the junior competition – Leah Alexander of St. Andrew Methodist School and she received a cheque for US $200.

The student taking first place in the junior category hails from Jamaica.

Students were also encouraged to partake in the Essay Competition, expressing their views through 500 words under the topic, “If you were a cruise passenger, what would you want to see and do in your destination?”

Two finalists from Grenada were recognised – Carina Blanche in the senior division and Brianna Lewis in the Junior Division. They both received a cheque for US $200.00.

The winners of those respective competitions came from Belize in the junior division and St. Maarten in the senior category.

Caribbean students were given a chance to be winners of the FCCA poster competition using the theme, “Reuse, Recycle, Renew the Caribbean.”

The competition prompts students to create a poster depicting ways to protect the environment and to promote awareness in the country.

This year’s contest featured finalists from the 12 Caribbean and Latin American destinations ranging from juniors; ages 12 and younger to seniors 13 to 16.

In speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Tourism, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen said she was extremely proud of the students and what they have achieved for the island as a result of the competition.

“It is my absolute pleasure to be here today to congratulate our nation’s youth on the success that their hard-earned work has resulted in and their proof of dedication to the task that was set to them…I am extremely impressed that the culture and discipline that were instilled in them brought them to where they are”, she remarked.

“…Our nation’s teachers and parents who are also represented here today must be congratulated on the role that they would have played in the successes of those shining stars but I am particularly pleased that the FCCA chose a very important topic – environment. It is so important, we must recycle, we must reuse, and we must respect our environment to ensure that it is healthy and pristine for us but very importantly for the generations to come after us,” she said.

The minister thanked the Princess Cruise Lines for the role they have been playing in developing Grenada’s cruise industry and encouraged the owners to continue keeping an interest in the Isle of Spice.

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