Grenadian Artistes screened for Pure Grenada Music Festival

The raw talent of a number of Grenadian Artistes was showcased last Saturday as they auditioned for the big stage of the 2017 Pure Grenada Music Festival.

Sonika – hoping to be among the finalists

Sonika – hoping to be among the finalists

The activity which was dubbed “Ready For The Stage” and held at Le Phare Bleu at Petit Calivigny, St. George’s brought out the versatility of the artistes in various forms of genre of music including reggae and gospel.

The show which was two-fold in nature, provided patrons with an opportunity to understand what is expected at the big stage and the villages during the Pure Grenada Music Festival which runs from May 5-7, 2017, while at the same time act as a screening for the artistes.

Each of the competitors’ performance was recorded for the organisers to be in a position to select the finalists.

In many of the cases, the original songs produced and sung by almost all of the competitors which included inspirational songs had a message which touches today’s situation, as well as encouraging the patrons to face up to their problems rather than trying to run away.

Josh Hector – into old school music

Josh Hector – into old school music

The artistes spoke of how they were able to get into the performing art of music during their on-stage interviews.

One of the artistes, Sonika said it has been a challenge for her trying to bring out the energy in her performance to the audience, but had been able to develop quite a lot over the years.

“I have been longing to find that type of sound, and that type of feeling for a very long time,” she remarked.

Sonika spoke of being an “old school girl,” having listened to a lot of old school songs which assisted her with her music.

“I want people to feel my songs, I want people to feel me, I want people to be happy at the end of the day when I perform,” she said.

Lion Paw – broke the silence

Lion Paw – broke the silence

Drummer of the four-member band, Soul Deep Josh Hector said he started to play music at the age of six years.

Hector credited a neighbour for getting him into music, although he played his music, from the verandah loud.

“That is where I got a taste of the old school music, as much as my parents used to call the police for him. I’m thankful that he was making noise pollution because that’s where it began, and we grew up loving old Soul Deep which has been together since 2013 is on the verge of recording instrumental music.

The energetic Akeem with his band, “Nature Claim” spoke of his journey throughout his lifetime.

He said he once followed the trends, but was able to come to his senses and made a decision to break away from all that is not worthwhile in life, and to recognise his own identity instead of being a carbon copy of other people.

Akeem admits that music has a great influence on the lives of  young people.

“When you have children listening to people like Alkaline and Vibes Cartel singing “Kill everybody…” you will have serious problems. I am trying to infiltrate that dirty system, and put in some good positive lyrics and good vibes into my music,” he said.

Patrick Delves – delivered a sterling performance

Patrick Delves – delivered a sterling performance

The return of Patrick Delves to the stage warmed the hearts of patrons as he demonstrated his musical versatility by bringing back memories of one of his famous songs, “Mash Down Babylon.”

Delves performed with his band, “Cutting Edge” and delivered some of the top songs produced by Jamaican reggae icon, the late, Bob Marley.

He called on patrons to love each other as they cannot claim to love God who they cannot see, but fail to love their neighbour who they are able to see.

Another artiste who thrilled the audience was Dennison “Lion Paw” Andrew who has performed with the likes of Dennis Brown, and Beres Hammond.

The former Presentation Brothers College student presented one of his original songs in which he encouraged victims of child abuse and domestic violence to break the silence.

During the show it was announced that Taurus Riley from Jamaica will be one of the major Headline Acts in next year’s Pure Grenada Music Festival.

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