RGPF charge victim of police shooting incident

The victim of a police shooting that took place at Springs, St. George’s on September 24th is facing criminal charges arising out of the incident.

Chris “Coolie” Hinds – to face the court

Chris “Coolie” Hinds – to face the court

Chris “Coolie” Hinds who is a 38-year bus conductor was charged by members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) earlier this week.

A family member confirmed to this newspaper that a police party visited their home a few days ago to formally lay the charges against “Coolie”.

Although the police failed to release the information to the media, The New Today Newspaper was reliably informed that charges of threats of grievous harm, and assault on the Police Officer involved in the shooting incident, Gabriel “Amos” Andrew were laid on Hinds, but no charge was preferred against the Police Officer.

Hinds was allegedly shot by Andrew over what was regarded as a three-way love affair at the home of the woman who is at the centre of the controversy.

He received the bullet wound at the left side of his waist and hospitalised for treatment for a gunshot wound.

This newspaper understands that the policeman fired off one single shot that struck “Coolie”.

The injured man admitted that he pelted three stones at “Amos” in the Lover’s quarrel.

Hinds is known to have contacted attorney-at-law, Ruggles Ferguson of Ciboney Chambers hours after the shooting incident to look after his interest.

Speculation is rife that a private civil suit might be slapped on “Amos” for the gunshot injury inflicted on the Springs man.

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