Foodland extends Christmas promotion

Customers of the Foodland Supermarket, Kirani James Boulevard, are being offered more chances to enter for an opportunity to win the Supermarket’s Christmas promotion, which was expected to end last Friday but has been extended to this Friday (December 10).

Foodland customers participate in early Christmas treat

Foodland customers participate in early Christmas treat

To enter the promotion, which was officially launched last November, shoppers simply have to write their name, telephone number and address on the back of a Foodland receipt of any value to be eligible for a chance to win one of the fabulous prizes.

Additionally, the management of Foodland Supermarket, on November 25 teamed up with seven companies to give shoppers an early extra special tasty Christmas treat of seasonal product samples and mini bites from Christmas menus.

These included slices of ham, turkey, cakes, sorrel, ginger beer, jams, local teas & juices, punch a cream and liqueurs among others.

The tasty offerings were made possible through the contributions of the Foodland and its partners Huggins Pharmaceutical Division, Bryden & Minors, Eastern Caribbean Rum Company, Superior Foods (G’da) Ltd., Goddard Catering Group (G’da) Ltd., Grenada Food & Nutrition Council, Summer Juices and Herbal Pleasures.

The final big event on the supermarket’s calendar is its ‘Magical Night of Shopping’ on Friday, December 23, from midnight until 7. a.m. on Saturday, December 24, exclusively at the supermarket’s Kirani James Boulevard, St. George.

This is considered a highly anticipated event as shoppers get the opportunity to instantly win prizes once the cock crows.

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