Digicel reaches out to schools

As part of its corporate responsibility, telecommunication provider, Digicel has pumped $14,000 into a programme that will assist seven schools in receiving new furniture.

The handing over of the cheque for purchasing the furniture was done on Monday at the Ministry of Education Conference Room at the Botanical Gardens in St. George’s.

Beneficiaries of Digicel’s Schools’ outreach programme

Beneficiaries of Digicel’s Schools’ outreach programme

Chief Education Officer (CEO), Elvis Morain who received the cheque expressed the Ministry’s pleasure in partnering with Digicel in one of its community outreach programmes.

Morain said that Digicel had given the ministry the responsibility to select how the money should be used in the initiative.

He identified the school infrastructure as one of the ministry’s biggest needs, along with furniture and equipment.

“We thought we would want to contribute to the seven schools in the area of furniture, so we are pleased that Digicel would have allowed us to do that,” he said.

According to the CEO one school in each parish including Carriacou will receive furniture.

The schools that will each receive $2,000 towards the purchase of furniture are Mt. Pleasant Government in Carriacou, Hermitage Government in St. Patrick’s, the Grenville School for Special Education in Grenville, St. Andrew’s, and St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic in St. David’s.

The other beneficiaries are St. George’s Methodist, St. Peter’s Roman Catholic in Gouyave, St. John’s, and the Victoria School for Special Education in St. Mark’s.

Morain urged the principals and students of these schools to take pride in the contribution that has been made to them by taking care of the furniture.

He said resources are scarce, and there is generally a feeling among persons not to take care of public facilities.

“The more you care for this, the more you’ll receive… so we want you to take care of the little that you get,” he added.

In another initiative, two secondary schools, Wesley College and the Grenada Christian Academy, will receive free internet services for one year from Digicel.

Morain underscored the importance of internet service to schools.

He said that in the digital age and the age of internet services, technology goes a long way in a school’s operation and made mention of the fact that the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) is now into online testing.

The senior official in the Ministry of Education called on the rest of corporate Grenada to come on board in assisting the ministry as it cannot do everything on its own.

“We have to understand that education must, and will always be our number one priority, and whoever we can partner with to ensure success of this, we are very grateful,” he said.

The CEO stated that the country’s human resource has to be enhanced by beginning to educate the population to realise that Grenada no longer operates in a single space.

Digicel Marketing Manager, Aaron La Grenade who made the presentation said the company is committed to spreading its community outreach programme as far as possible.

La Grenade said Digicel came up with the money and decided to split it among the parishes with the aim of seeing how far it can be utilised.

He also spoke of the initiative to provide free internet service to the schools.

He said since Digicel launched its fibre network it saw the need to have one of the schools become a fibre footprint and to get some benefits.

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