Farming In Inc. solicits support

Young businesswoman Maryam Tawfig, the brainchild behind an innovative farming initiative in the country, is soliciting financial support towards the establishment of a website for her newly formed company “Farm In Inc.”, which seeks to provide a platform for farmers and agricultural businesses to sell their products online at fair prices.

Owner of Farm In Inc. Maryam Tawfig

Owner of Farm In Inc. Maryam Tawfig

The company, which officially got off the ground in May, aims to function as an online agricultural directory and resource center promoting agricultural products across the globe.

Tawfig is confident that her company has the potential to revolutionise the agricultural landscape locally and across the globe.

She said the website will also give persons in search of agricultural products easy-to-use access to find items, browse pictures, videos and text of the products they are in search of using a 24-hour online television channel that will focus solely on agriculture; and an open forum where persons can post questions related to agriculture, get expert advice and engage in discussions.

“The plan of Farming In Inc, as its name suggest, is to create a larger awareness around agriculture that will encourage persons to eat agricultural products, produce agricultural products and to pass on valuable agricultural information, which will preserve our health, the environment, the economy and our overall well-being,” Tawfig told THE NEW TODAY newspaper.

Persons interested in making a donation to this cause can do so online via the www.generosity.comcrowd funding site.

Tawfig would also like to extend thanks in advance to all who are willing to support her cause.
A preview of the site can be accessed at

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