Jail sentence for Yacht Robbery

The three young men who have been arrested and charged by police in connection with a spate of robberies on yachts have been given jail sentences.

Rondell Jones - one of the convicted accused men

Rondell Jones – one of the convicted accused men

The sentences were handed down on Monday by Chief Magistrate Her Honour, Tamara Gill after the men pleaded guilty to the charges slapped on them.

The youngest of the three, Jayar Ross who had escaped lawful custody from the South St. George Police Station at Grand Anse, St. George’s was recaptured on November 8 by the lawmen.

At the time of his escape, the 19-year old Ross who is from Marquis, St. Andrew’s was jointly charged together with Rondel Jones who is also from Marquis.

Ross, a vendor, was charged for stealing from the yacht of James Jim Osborne at Woburn, St. George’s on September 16th one Panasonic Laptop Computer valued $5,433.80, one Ace Laptop Computer valued $2,758.10, two Old Navy shorts valued $64.34, one knife valued $135.85, and cash amounting to $2,378.80.

The total value of everything stolen on the yacht was $10,718.97.

Both Ross and Jones were apprehended by the lawmen during a police operation on November 6th, and jointly charged with housebreaking and stealing.

Ross who has two previous convictions faced two counts of housebreaking and stealing, in addition to a charge of escaping lawful custody.

Magistrate Gill told the suspects that the charges laid against them were serious and carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

She sentenced both of them to three years on each count to run concurrently at Her Majesty’s Prisons at Richmond Hill, St. George’s.

Joevannie and Jayar Ross – the two brother were jailed for yacht robbery

Joevannie and Jayar Ross – the two brother were jailed for yacht robbery

In 2013, Ross was handed a suspended sentence by a local court to perform one hundred hours of community service in a mentoring programme, and also during that same year Ross had another charge handed down on him for attempted robbery with violence.

Ross expressed remorse for the inconvenience he caused the Yachtees.

A bigger brother to Ross, Joevannie was the third person who was also charged for a similar offense of housebreaking of a yacht.

The 22-year old Joevannie who resides at Black Bay, St. John’s was charged with three counts of housebreaking and stealing in connection with the July break-in of three yachts docked at Mt. Hartman Bay.

Joevannie has previous records dating back to 2010, 2012 and 2014.
The Chief Magistrate sentenced him to the Richmond Hill Prisons for three years on each of the three counts to run concurrently.

The presiding magistrate informed the convicted men that what they did was a crime against the country.

She feared that what was undertaken by them did a lot of damage to the image of Grenada.

Magistrate Gill told the convicted men that what they did was to terrorise the Yachtees which would impact negatively on the country.

Meanwhile, Jayar Ross, one of the convicted youngsters who found himself in trouble with the law since the age of 16, has accused his mother as the person responsible for his deviant behaviour.

Ross said he had to move out from his mother’s care at an early age due to a relationship she had with a male companion who is not his father.

However, the mother who resides at Black Bay, St. John’s told the court she loves all of her five children.

Jayar is the third child, while another brother, Joevannie who also faced the court on Monday on a similar charge of stealing is the second child.

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