“NO VOTE” wins referendum in Spice Isle

Grenadians have voted overwhelmingly not to make any changes to their 1974 constitution.

In the results from yesterday’s Referendum, the electorate rejected all of the seven bills on the ballot for voting.

The bill which came in for a hammering was the controversial “Rights and Freedoms” which lost by over 11, 000 votes.

This bill generated the most discussion in the country as church leaders urged their following to vote against the measure on the grounds that it could open the door to same sex marriages on the island between gays and lesbians.

In comments made after the results were announced, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell said he respected the wishes of the people but accused the opposition of “playing games” by influencing the people to vote against measures that were good for the constitution.

Head of the reform body set up by government to pave the way for the referendum, Dr. Francis Alexis alluded to the lack of support from the powers-that-be to the reformation process.

He hinted at reports that government was seemingly giving support to only three of the bills and not the entire package.

The polling was marked by a very low voter turnout especially among the young people.

A total of 71, 242 persons were eligible to vote in the referendum which saw less than half of them casting ballots.

Following are the preliminary results of the votes cast on each bill:

*Caribbean Court of Justice

NO: 12605  YES: 9634

*Elections and Boundaries Commission

NO: 13227  YES: 8916

*Leader of the Opposition

NO: 15473  YES:6113

*Fixed date for Elections

NO:14484  YES:7076

*Name of State

NO: 12426  YES:9681

*Rights and Freedoms

NO: 16355  YES:5069

*Term of Office of Prime Minister

NO:15278  YES:9681

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