There was a fatal stabbing Wednesday of a male Form 3 student of Happy Hill Secondary School (HHSS).

The incident happened just around the time the students were having their lunch break.

A source who wished not to be identified said the young man who died acted as a “Good Samaritan” to the one who allegedly stabbed him in the area of the stomach with a knife.

According to the source, the one who died on the spot was carrying juice and lunch to the other student, the juice fell to the ground and the one who allegedly did the stabbing got angry over what had happened.

A fist fight ensued, and it is alleged that in the process the young man was stabbed by his friend who pulled out a knife.

There are allegations that a young woman at the school who has an intimate relationship with the suspect who is from Tempe, might have triggered off the confrontation.

THE NEW TODAY was told that the student who died was regarded as “a troubled student” who was given a second chance through a transfer to HHSS from the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS).

It is the second fatal stabbing at HHSS within the past four years.

In October 2012, 5th form student, 17-year old Alex Gabriel of Perdmontemps, St. David’s lost his life on the school compound after he received a single stab wound to the neck with a sharp instrument from a Form One school girl.

A Counselor from the Ministry of Education was seen on the school compound shortly after the stabbing.

However, no senior official of the Ministry of Education was spotted at HHSS.

Instructions were reportedly given to call an end to school for the day as the compound was taken over panic-stricken students.

The school at Happy Hill has been dogged by physical confrontation between students over the years and in one case a male schoolteacher was accused of striking a female student.

A brief statement put out by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) on Wednesday said: “Police are investigating a fatal stabbing which occurred at a Secondary School in St. George early this afternoon (Wednesday 23rd November, 2016). Further information will be provided as the investigation unfolds”.

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