Vote no to constitution reform

As we advance to vote on Referendum day 24/11/2016, I wish to join my voice with the advocate of the NO vote and say VOTE NO and send a strong message to the Authorities.

In doing so we will be sending the  message to the powers-that-be that we understand what is constitution reform.  What we have before us is nothing but a sham, a farce and a deliberate and intentional effort to have us legitimise illegitimacy.

The claim that what we have before us is devoid of Party Politics is laughable.  The ruling administration is leaving no stone unturned to achieve a yes vote, and then claim that they are the first party to institute  Constitution reform.  We must Vote No.

Another myth being put forward is that Constitution reform has been going on since 1985.  What deceit!  What we have had is a number of attempts at Constitution reform.

That has not been continuous.

Citizens of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique all, it is time for us to sit up and take note of what the ruling administration is trying to rush us into.  We all agree overwhelmingly that we did not have input into the present Constitution Reform of 1973/74.  And since Constitution Reform is not something you do everyday why the rush?

It might certainly be a rewarding exercise to find out what percentage of the population is very much aware of our present constitution.

The approach should be the McIntosh/International approach, thereby allowing us to become aware of our present constitution, and for the process to be able to allow us to make an informed contribution to constitution reform.

We cannot and should not, be embarking on Constitution reform when we do not know what our present Constitution consists of. If our Constitution, the Supreme law of the land is so important to ensure proper Governance then it is essential that in order to effect change that at least 75%-80% of the voting population should cast their ballot; then and only then can we claim to have impact into the Constitution.

As it stands if a mere 10% of the voting population cast ballot on Referendum day the Constitution reform can be changed. Constitution reform should attract maximum participation, support and involvement.

Additionally with one (1) party occupying The Lower House/The House of Representatives it is certainly not the ideal time for Constitution Reform.

Finally I think we should all salute citizen John Rullow for the very solid contribution he has made in helping us to understand the route we should pursue in order to achieve constitution reform.

Herman T. Stanislaus

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