Shattered expectations: A genuine Grenadian drama

Alexander Moses rules his household with an iron fist. He cares neither for God nor religion. He is a self-made businessman with an autocratic and inflexible persona. He dictates the professional path that his children must pursue.

His devoted wife, Sarah, is a devout Christian. She struggles to maintain a much needed balance within her fragile family unit and constantly seeks to curb Alexander’s indiscretions and societal prejudices while at the same time searching for her own internal peace amidst a constant stormy home atmosphere.

A young, seductive and provocative Trinidadian Rastafarian, Lisa, challenges Sarah’s religious beliefs and her presence in the Moses’ home creates added complication for the Moses family.

After thirty nine years of unbroken service, Alexander is unceremoniously dismissed from his business firm. He has little faith in the judicial system and therefore summons his son, Edward, back to Grenada to advise him on the course of action he should take against his former employers.

Will Edward (a year two English law student) heed his father’s demands and return to Grenada? If Edward returns, will he bring stability and balance to an impending chaotic home situation? Or will his presence create additional tension and conflict that will shatter the expectations of both his father and mother?

The answers will be revealed in this intriguing two hour drama, which plays at the Deluxe Cinema (Grenville) on Saturday,November 26 (8:00 p.m.) Sunday, November 27 (6:00).

The production continues at Marryshow House for two weekends: Saturday, December 3 (8:00 p.m.) Sunday, December 4 (6:00 p.m.) and Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, December 11.

Starring in this original Grenadian stage drama are: Samuel Ogilvie as Alexander Moses, Rose Bhagwan as Lisa, Kerrie Williams as Edward and Feona Sandy as Sarah.

SHATTERED EXPECTATIONS is written and directed by award winning Francis Urias Peters.

The production was first staged approximately twenty years ago. It is now a revised play with a different ending from the original script and promises to keep audiences riveted in suspense and emotions in this action packed two-hour drama.

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