Update on Injunction filed against Referendum

A battery of pro-Constitutional Reform lawyers are currently meeting in St. George’s to discuss the injunction filed in the Supreme Court Registry late Friday to prevent Thursday’s Referendum from taking place.

The vehicles of city lawyers and the Supervisor of Elections parked outside the law office of Dr. Francis Alexis, QC on Saturday morning

The vehicles of city lawyers and the Supervisor of Elections parked outside the law office of Dr. Francis Alexis, QC on Saturday morning


The action has been taken by attorney-at-law, James “Jimmy” Bristol of the law firm of Henry Henry & Bristol on behalf of Valerie Thompson-Duncan, a known activist of the main opposition National Democratic congress (NDC).

The court papers, seeking the injunction, were also served on Supervisor of Elections, Alex Phillip by a bailiff of the court, Terry Registe.

The meeting of some of the top lawyers on the island is taking place in the Old Fort office of prominent Queen’s Counsel, Dr. Francis Alexis, the head of the government-appointed Constitutional Reform Advisory Committee (CRAC)

A well-placed source told the NEW TODAY newspaper that just after 8.00 a.m this morning both Dr. Alexis and fellow committee member, Ruggles Ferguson of the law firm of Ciboney Chambers were spotted going into the office.

“I just passed Ruggles and Francis Alexis by PBC (Presentation Brother’s College) up there”, the source tweeted to this newspaper.

About an hour later, another source said he saw the vehicles of Attorney-General, Cajeton Hood, as well as the Supervisor of Elections, and Dr. Lawrence Joseph, advisor to Parliament parked outside the office.

“Some kind of meeting is taking place in Dr. Alexis’ office based on the cars that I saw out there. I suspect it (the meeting) has to do with the case filed in court yesterday by Jimmy”, said the source who did not want to be identified.

There has been no official response from government or the Office of the Supervisor of Elections on the turn of events.

THE NEW TODAY understands that behind the scene manoeuvres are taking place to try and influence which judge that the Supreme Court Registry should give the matter for hearing.

A source close to Bristol’s team said that Registrar of the Supreme Court, Lisa Telesford placed the matter before Justice Roberts who is the sole judge on the island doing civil matters.

However, it is understood that the state lawyers are pushing for the case to go before another high court judge, Justice Aziz who is specialised in hearing criminal matters.

According to the source, the behind the scene manoeuvering is further proof that Grenadians should stay away from making the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as the final appellate court in the jurisdiction to replace the British Privy Council.

The CCJ Bill is one of seven to be voted in the referendum on Thursday pending the ruling of the court on the injunction.

Bristol took legal action, citing 19 breaches of the Referendum Act by the Supervisor of Elections in meeting the requirements for the holding of the poll on Thursday.

A legal source said that the earliest time that the injunction could be heard is sometime on Monday afternoon.

The case will be heard in Chambers and not in open court.

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