Two charged with yacht robbery – one escape custody

Police have apprehended two men from St. Andrew’s in connection with a spate of robberies that has been taking place for over six months on a number of yachts.

However, one of the suspects escaped lawful police custody on Tuesday.

A release from the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) said that Rondel Jones and Jayar Ross of Marquis, St. Andrew’s were apprehended by the lawmen during a police operation last Sunday.

According to the release, 19-year old Ross who sports a dreadlocks hairstyle managed to escape lawful custody.

The escapee has been described as being five feet, four inches in height, and brown skinned with numerous tattoos over his body.

The release said the police recovered a quantity of items believed to have been stolen from a yacht that was docked at Clarke’s Court Bay in St. George’s.

THE NEW TODAY understands that among the items recovered were laptop computers and cellular phones.

While additional charges are expected to be laid on the accused men, charges of housebreaking and stealing over $14,000 in cash and articles have been slapped on Jones and Ross.

The release said that the arrest of the St. Andrew’s men has broadened police investigations into a number of other break-ins as they continue to recover more items believed to have been stolen from other yachts.

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