Shawn Braveboy: “I am a different man”

A former inmate at Her majesty’s Prisons at Richmond Hill has paid glowing tribute to the rehabilitation programme that is being undertaken by the State Institution.

Shawn Braveboy of Beaulieu, St. George’s who has had a taste of prison life at the early age of 13 years told reporters that he has been to prison 27 times.

“Today, actually, I could claim that I am a different man. It may not be a hundred percent, but at least I try my best to stay away from the law,” he said.

According to Braveboy, it is now 15 years since he has not been to prison.

He spoke to reporters shortly after informing the court that Belmont, St. George’s resident, Errol Charles who has 27 convictions is not being honest about the rehabilitation programmes offered at the prisons.

He said he could attest to the fact that Officers, both former and present from the Prisons are the ones who have set him on the right path.

“I could recommend and commend the Prison Authority for playing a key role in my life, so prisoners have to stop blaming Richmond Hill Prison Authority for their personal action… and they being repeated offenders,” he added.

Recently, Social Worker at the Prisons, former inmate Christopher Stroude informed the local media that there are inmates who refuse to accept the rehabilitative programmes being offered.

Braveboy who now resides at Birchgrove, St. George’s has been putting his life together and currently works in the Maintenance department at T. A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).

He is married with two children.

According to the 37-year old former inmate, the Prison has taught him to overcome temptation.

“I could give the Prisons thumbs up for the good work they have done in my life, for the role they have played in my life,” he said.

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