Minister Modeste: “We have not closed the door on Liat”

Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen remains hopeful that Liat will restore those flights that were recently removed from Grenada.

Liat, which is referred to as the island hopping regional carrier, pulled its late night flight out of Trinidad and Tobago to Grenada on September 19 and one month later, on October 24th, stopped the early morning flight from Grenada to Barbados.

“We have not closed the door on Liat, but some proper arrangements have to be made,” Minister Modeste-Curwen told a local radio station programme last week Wednesday.

The senior Government Minister disclosed that the Grenada Government contributes financially to most of the airlines that service Grenada.

Speculation is rife that the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) administration in St. George’s provides cash to the international airlines flying into the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) and not the regional carriers.

“As Prime Minister and as Minister of Finance, has said he does not mind (contributing to the airline), but if we’re going to pay we need to be given the kind of respect and consideration that we deserve”, said the female government minister.

Dr. Modeste-Curwen indicated that Grenada is awaiting a proposal from Liat with regards to having the flights restored.

She said she is aware that the removal of the flights has left the traveling public in a quandary, “but we are working day and night” to resolve the problem.

As the longest serving Parliamentary Representative for St. Mark’s, the minister highlighted some work that has been undertaken in the rural constituency but expressed her displeasure with certain aspects that were handled by “the experts.”

“Sometimes when you get expert advice or expert documentation, it is not expert, and it comes back to us as Parliamentary Representatives to deal with the shortcomings,” she told the host of the programme.

Dr. Modeste-Curwen made specific reference to the Maran Basketball Court, which was constructed in collaboration with the Grenada Electricity Services Limited (Grenlec).

She said a design for the basketball court was furnished by an engineer, which was approved by Grenlec which reportedly has an engineer with infrastructural knowledge.

However, she claimed that upon construction of the basketball court it was discovered that it was too small, and below international standards.

Another project the St. Mark MP is not happy about is the Victoria Fish Market, which has been out of commission for a long time.

She said that based on negotiation on her part, Cabinet approved the money for the insulator of the cold room.

According to Dr. Modeste-Curwen, the space was not adequate to retrofit the cold room, which has now caused a further delay in the operations of the fish market.

“Sometimes it is a little bit frustrating when you don’t get the right technical support,” she said.

The incumbent is expected to seek her fifth consecutive term as MP for St. Mark in general elections widely expected to be held sometime in 2017.

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