Glenroy Ramdeen: “That’s a set up!”

A 45-year old Labourer of Tempe, St. George’s who pleaded guilty to stealing a goat valued at $200.00 that belongs to a 15-year old student has vehemently denied having a recent police record.

Glenroy Ramdeen

Glenroy Ramdeen

Glenroy Ramdeen has distanced himself from a police antecedent which claims that he has four previous convictions, three of which are of a similar nature for the offense which was brought to court.

The previous offences are for praedial larceny, robbery with violence, and stealing from a dwelling house which is the last to have been committed on July 4th 2012.

“That’s a set up!” Ramdeen exclaimed as he appeared before Magistrate Francine Foster at the St. George’s No. 2 Court.

Police Prosecutor, Corporal Terrence Andall who produced the antecedent to Magistrate Foster believes that Ramdeen is on a path to committing crime frequently.

As a result Cpl. Andall asked the Magistrate to provide an increase in the punishment on the convicted man.

In his defense Ramdeen told the court the only conviction he was involved in was an armed robbery in 1990 when he was only 19 years of age.

He said he served five years and nine months in prison for the crime and has since been a law-abiding citizen.

“I have never been involved in no crime,” he told the court.

Magistrate Foster gave Ramdeen the benefit of the doubt and only considered the current offense before her.

She fined him $1500 to be paid in two months, in default spend six months in prison.

The court was told that Aaron Francis who owns four goats had them tethered at the property of Bernard Cobb at La Mode, St. George’s on October 19.

On the following day he went back to look after the goats, and saw one of them on a black van.

Francis reported the matter to the police who later arrested and charged the suspect with stealing.

In his defence, the accused told the police that on Wednesday, October 19th , while making his way home at Tempe, upon reaching La Mode he heard an animal that seemed to be in distress in the bushes.

Ramdeen who claimed to have been intoxicated said that upon investigation, he discovered that it was a goat which was tied up on a small tree.

He confessed to taking the goat to his home.

The convicted man apologised to Francis for taking away the goat and begged Magistrate Foster for leniency.

He said he only took away the goat to look after it as he saw it was struggling.

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