Former Credit Union Manager Facing Criminal Charges

An internal feud between the former manager of the River Sallee Cooperative Credit Union in St. Patrick’s and staff has lead to criminal charges being laid on him.

Osborne Drakes - charged with money laundering and stealing

Osborne Drakes – charged with money laundering and stealing

Osborne Drakes who served as manager of the rural financial institution up until last month was slapped with charges of money laundering, and stealing $48, 000.00 by reason of employment by the Financial Intelligent Unit (FIU).

Officers of the FIU pulled in Drakes over the last weekend over allegations that he was involved in financial irregularities.

The former manager appeared at the St. George’s No.2 Magistrate’s Court on Monday and was granted bail in the sum of $60,000 with two sureties by Magistrate Francine Foster.

Police Prosecutor, Corporal Terrence Andall informed the court that the Prosecution would not object to bail being granted to the suspect but asked for certain conditions to be laid down.

Cpl. Andall asked for the defendant to surrender all travel documents, seek permission from the relevant authority if he has to travel, and to report to Central Police Station on the Carenage, St. George’s every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Defense attorney, Ruggles Ferguson said he was delighted over the no objection for bail but was not happy with Cpl. Andall’s request to have his client report to the police station three times a week.

Ferguson argued that there is no need for his client to report three days a week as he has no prior convictions, and is not a flight risk.

The defense counsel spoke of his client being a “good citizen” of responsibility in the community of St. Patrick’s.

The court was told that Drakes lives with his family including two children.

Magistrate Foster in handing down the bail conditions reduced the reporting time to twice per week – every Monday and Friday between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Drakes was ordered to attend the Sauteurs Magistrate’s Court on January 24th 2017 for the next court hearing in the case.

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