Christmas at Foodland

One of the suppliers preparing for their display

One of the suppliers preparing for their display

Two successive days of music and treats last week Thursday and Friday formed part of the annual Customer Appreciation Day of Foodland’s Christmas launch at the Market Square location and Kirani James Boulevard in St. George’s.

Customers were able to sample a number of products that were provided for sale by various businesses at the supermarkets, and got a chance to walk away with prizes.

Foodland Supermarkets Marketing Officer, Mahera Strachan told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that it has become a tradition of Foodland Supermarkets to have a customer appreciation day.

Strachan said customer appreciation is normally held in January, and the Christmas Launch at this time of the season but it was decided to have both activities combined into one major event.

“We always like to give back to our customers – at Foodland we have a lot of loyal customers. This is our way along with the suppliers to give back to them for supporting us,” she added.

Several suppliers and business partners numbering about 30, have joined with the supermarkets to help ring in the Christmas Season.

According to Strachan, throughout the Christmas Season the customers can expect a lot of super-saver deals at the two supermarkets.

“We have slashed prices on a number of items. That has already begun and it will continue throughout the Christmas Season,” she said.

The Marketing Officer also disclosed that customers have the opportunity to also cash in on a Christmas promotion.

Customers including those at Foodland Home Pride at Westerhall, St. David’s are welcome to write their names and contact numbers at the back of a Foodland receipt of any value.

At the end of November a draw is made for the lucky person.

Additionally, during Foodland Magical Night of Shopping on Kirani James Boulevard, shoppers are eligible to receive a prize when the cock crows at 12 midnight on December 23rd.

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