Youth Violence at The Limes

Acting Magistrate Francine Foster has placed two young men from The Limes, St. George’s on a six-month bond to keep the peace in an effort to defuse a long-standing dispute between them.

Phillip Smith – makes his way to court

Phillip Smith – makes his way to court

Magistrate Foster who was in a no-nonsense mood after hearing the evidence relating to a shooting incident involving Phillip Smith, decided to issue a bond order in addition to fining the accused man.

Smith who appeared at the St. George’s No. 2 Magistrate’s Court on Monday pleaded guilty to the charge of intentionally and unlawfully causing harm to Kimron Waldron of The Limes, Grand Anse last week Saturday with the use of a flare gun.

The 24-year old unemployed Smith also pleaded guilty to being in possession of a firearm, and being in possession of two rounds of flare gun ammunition.

In the evidence that was lead by Police Prosecutor, Corporal Terrence Andall, the court heard that Waldron, the victim of the shooting, was at a shop when the incident occurred.

21-year old Waldron, , a car-washer by employment, was shot in the area of the lower left side of the chest which resulted in him seeking medical attention at the St. George’s General Hospital for two days.

The police managed to recover the flare gun along with the other unused round of ammunition from Smith.

According to Cpl. Andall, the firearm is at the Special Services Unit (SSU) at Point Salines undergoing testing.

In his defense, Smith informed the court that he was forced to react in the way he did as he was being traumatised by Waldron, as well as his brother, and other associates.

He claimed that Waldron has consistently been running him down with a cutlass causing him to keep away from the shop and not being able to purchase anything to eat, while the brother and friends have been coming after him with knives and cutlasses.

Smith said the dispute between himself and the group of men is over a bucket.

However, Magistrate Foster said she does not believe that she was told the whole story or will ever hear the whole story unless she goes to live in The Limes to observe the behaviour of the men.

The presiding magistrate concluded that there was aggression on the part of both young men.
She ruled that the bond is to be enforced on the two young men in order to get them to stay out of trouble with everyone in The Limes.

Should the bond be broken by any of the men, they will be imprisoned for three months.

The female magistrate implored Smith and Waldron to change their ways and avoid getting involved in violence, and to think before they act with regards to the consequences of their actions.

Magistrate Foster imposed a fine of $400 on Smith for the charge of causing harm to be paid in two months and in default serve two months at the Richmond Hill prison.

On the charge of possession of firearm, the convicted man is fined $1,500 to be paid in three months, or spend six months in prison in default, and $500 on the charge of possession of ammunition to be paid in three months, or three months in prison in default.

Youth violence at The Limes is nothing new.

On June 30, 2007, Rennie St. John was murdered at the hands of Delon Honore, Anderson Thomas and Calvin Simon of The Limes.

St. John received multiple chop wounds over his body from the group of men who were each armed with a cutlass.

All three accused were found guilty of the crime and served time in prison for the offense.

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