Trucks using Camerhogne Park

The Committee to Save Camerhogne Park has expressed grave concerns over the use of the roadway along the park by heavy duty equipment and trucks to collect debris from the adjacent old Riviera Hotel.

Committee Chairman, Senator Raey Roberts said the group is very suspicious about the use of the roadway at this time considering that there is an established main entrance into the old Riviera Hotel, which was used earlier this year by several heavy duty trucks to dump tons and tons of earth on the property.

According to Roberts, the committee believes that there is a systematic plan afoot by the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and the developers to dismantle the park.

He noted that the vendors were first chased away from the park, followed by the disappearance of the welcome sign at the entrance of Camerhogne Park along with several others.

The Chairman said the committee hopes that this use of the park’s roadway does not set a precedent that when construction work begins, Camerhogne Park will become a site for parking trucks and storing material for the project.

An Egyptian billionaire who is said to be the main financier of the Riviera project, has so far failed to get government to hand over the park to him to incorporate it into the hotel development.

The Roberts-led committee has been spearheading public pressure on the Mitchell administration to keep its hands off the park.

Chairman Roberts feared that having these huge, heavy duty trucks, often driven recklessly, could be sending a strong psychological message of deterrence to users of the park.

He said the members of the committee will continue to monitor the situation and called on Prime Minister Mitchell to keep his promise that Camerhogne Park will not be included in the hotel project at this time.

A recent survey showed that more than 80 percent of Grenadians were opposed to Government selling the park for a hotel project development, and wanted the facility to be preserved for local use.

In August, another survey conducted by the Save Camerhogne Park Committee indicated that more than 12,000 people used the park during the school vacation and Carnival season.

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