Shooting at Dash Fete

Another member of the Royal Grenada Police Force is at the centre of a shooting incident involving a mentally challenged person 25-year old Kendon Joseph of Mt. Airy, St. George’s.

The shooting incident took place at the St. Paul’s Community Centre last Sunday night at an appreciation fete held in honour of Grenada’s 2016 Groovy King Shondell “Dash” Amada.

A well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that the incident occurred after lawmen responded to a call from the fete for assistance following a fracas in which Joseph who was openly brandishing a cutlass attacked the crowd.

The source said several people were seen scampering away and seeking refuge from the attacker.

There are reports that the policemen at first contained themselves and did not use their firearms on the young man who apparently was in a berserk state of mind.

According to the source, the lawmen failed in their quest to restrain and subdue Joseph who had already injured one person believed to be his brother who received a number of chop wounds as he attempted to bring him under control.

The source said that one of the officers was forced to draw his service revolver and shot him.

The injured man who received two gunshot wounds was rushed to the St. George’s General Hospital in police vehicle TAK 516.

This is the third shooting incident involving Police Officers and civilians in less than four weeks.

On September 24, bus conductor Chris “Coolie” Hinds of Springs, St. George’s was shot by a member of the Drug Squad, Gabriel “Amos” Andrew over a love squabble, and on October 4, Daniel “Ching” Gilbert of Mt. Craven who was described as mentally challenged was fatally shot by a police officer of the Sauteurs Police Station.

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