Sen. Rae Roberts speaks

The Prime Minister‘s comments at Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives taking issue with two members of the disabled community who are urging a “NO” Vote on Referendum Day, was regrettable; and equally distasteful was the laughter and cheering from his Parliamentary colleagues when he said words to the effect.

“He cannot understand how people who are disabled could be telling people to vote no.”
What was most unfortunate was the distinguished Speaker of the House of Representatives ignored those disparaging remarks .

Personally, I am not offended by the utterances of our Prime Minister and the reaction of his colleague Parliamentarians.

However, between Friday and today I have received in excess of a hundred calls from people of all walks of life expressing grave concern about the seemingly derogatory comments made by our distinguished Leader and highlighted in the media.

As our Leader his public statement does not help nor encourage the weaker minds in the physically challenged community to grow in strength and courage and neither does it help the work of the Grenada National Council of the Disabled in it challenge to integrate all people.
Prime Minister Mitchell has the intellect and capacity to be more selective in his choice of words when taking issue with views he does not agree with.

I trust that we shall not have a repeat in our House of Representatives.

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