You always hearing people saying “don’t judge, don’t judge, God says don’t judge”. That’s absolutely not true. They seem to say it with the intention to disrupt and make shame the person making the judgement.

This call is made most times in context when persons are judging the wrong and evil of others, then the call comes, don’t judge God say don’t judge. It all have to do with context.

Did God say don’t judge and are we not to judge each other? In St. Matthew Gospel Chpt. 7 verses 1 and 2, it says judge not that ye be not judged. For with what judgement you judge you shall be judged and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.

It goes on to say from verse 3 to 5 and I will paraphrase, why look at the speck in your brother’s eye and not consider the plank that’s in yours. Take out the plank in your eye first; then you will have clear vision to take out the speck in your brother’s.

In other words make sure you are O.K in moral character and good standing before passing judgement.

God did not forbid us from judging each other but we must be worthy to do as he teaches. So this saying being echoed today about don’t judge and God says don’t judge is not true. It’s a ploy of Satan to justify and make mankind not to be accountable for the evil lifestyles he is practising, an escape strategy.

Judgement is something we must use every day in all areas of our lives. If we don’t judge where we are putting our feet or where the chair is, we could end up with a broken foot or on the floor.

Judgement is very necessary and a fundamental human right. Stop being intolerant of people when they judge evil lifestyle that’s devilish and only serves Satan. They are doing the right and proper thing.

The other scripture I want to look at briefly is St. John Gospel; Chpt; 7 verse 24, it says, judge not according to appearance but judge righteous judgement.

The verses before speak of a man being circumcised on the Sabbath day which was wrong but the Jews had no problem with that.

However, Jesus healing and making a man completely well on the Sabbath they had a big problem with. That’s why he told them to judge righteous judgement.

What happens to our people and leaders today – have they lost the ability to judge righteous judgement? How is it that leaders and people could be pushing homosexuality as a normal and natural lifestyle? Blaspheming biology and normal nature, abomination! A man’s penis was made for a woman vagina, that’s how God made it, to reproduce the human race.

Even as we see in nature with all the other creatures. Not his penis for another man’s anus, that’s wrong and evil. No reproduction of the human race will happen there, that signals the end of the human race.

Even pre-school children today know that babies don’t come by plane, so stop this call about don’t judge and God says don’t judge, and understand how God almighty and creator of us all says it must be done, righteous judgement.

Wise up people and make righteous judgement. Selah.

Derick Sealey

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