GRENLEC please tell the truth

I want to respond to Mr. Colin Cover in article published in newspaper on October 21st, 2016, titled: “Grenlec Warns About Safety Risks of Unauthorised Renewable Energy Interconnections”.

Mr. Cover, this is not true that CE approved grid tie inverter pose significant safety threats, including electrocution to staff and customers. Tens of millions of grid tie inverter are in operation worldwide and they are safe because everyone required islanding. Islanding is a function for all grid tie inverters to stop working if grid goes down.

And, when your technicians work on electric line they ground the line. In the unlikely event something wrong happens, fuse will blow or breaker will trip. Extension cords all have a 13 amps fuse.

Connecting a grid tie inverter is like connecting a fridge. Should we need to get authorisation from Grenlec every time we buy another fridge?

I agree that Grenlec should be informed by grid tie owner when he plugs it in his ordinary home outlet and he should have a lockable AC disconnect switch for Grenlec to isolate Grid tie inverter from the grid when require.

Mr. Colin, you said: “We want customers to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy”. At what price? Are you going to obey the law? You are as illegal as those customers who installed safe grid tie system without notifying Grenlec. Those customers are saving the planet safely by using the sun, not your polluting fuel.

Grenlec approved Boy company inverters which bring more than 600 DC inside residential houses. Micro-inverters do not generate more than normal household voltage (220 VAC).

Every Grenadians deserve safe, clean and affordable energy.

THIS is the truth. Period

Richard Laflamme

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