Digicel People’s Champion

Digicel Grenada has launched its new musical ambassador selection program that encourages all of its customers to vote for the next face and voice to represent their brand – The Digicel People’s Champion.

Lil Vaughn - another of the emerging soca artistes

Lil Vaughn – another of the emerging soca artistes

The program was launched during the carnival season where local music production, particularly Soca, is at its peak.

The People’s Champion selection first starts with the staff of Digicel Grenada nominating their favorite artistes, with the top five nominees moving forward to the next and final round.

Once artistes have accepted their nominations, they move to the public vote where Digicel customers can text to vote for their choice to be the next musical ambassador of Digicel Grenada.

The top five nominees that have been selected are: Boyzie, Dash, Lil Vaughn, Sandman and Valene Nedd (in alphabetical order).

Once voting is closed, the nominee with the most text vote wins. The prize is a one year contract as a Digicel ambassador, EC $10,000, photo shoot and image placement on a billboard, as well as a few other benefits.

Voting is now open and Digicel customers can text “BOYZ” for Boyzie, “DASH” for Dash, “LILV” for Lil’ Vaughn, “SAND” for Sandman, and “VALE” for Valene Nedd to shortcode 9393.
Customers may vote as many times as they wish until the close of the competition in September. Visit Digicel Grenada of Facebook for more information and follow @digicelgrenada on Instagram and Twitter for any further updates.

Also look out for endorsement videos from current Digicel Grenada ambassador Shortpree and Digicel Regional Ambassador Machel Montano.

Valene Nedd - one of the contestants for the People's Choice award

Valene Nedd – one of the contestants for the People’s Choice award

“We are happy to launch such a program that involves all of the Digicel staff and of course, the people of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique in deciding who will be the next cultural ambassador for Digicel”, said CEO Ciarán Burke.

“We have five very well known nominees, all great musicians and performers, each with their own following, so the final votes can go in any direction. I’d like to encourage all of our loyal Digicel customers to vote and make sure you have your say in who gets to be Digicel’s next cultural ambassador”, he added.

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