CRAC awards prizes to participants of first ever Calypso competition on Constitution reform

Participants of the first ever Constitution Reform Calypso competition held on August 1, were on Monday awarded their prizes during a brief ceremony at the Office of the Constitution Reform Advisory Committee (CRAC) at the national Cricket Stadium, Queen’s Park, St. George.

Alan G receives EC$10, 000 prize from Administrative Assistant at the Office of the CRAC, Ms Lillian Sylvester

Alan G receives EC$10, 000 prize from Administrative Assistant at the Office of the CRAC, Ms Lillian Sylvester

The winning prize of $10, 000 went to Alan Gaskin, who goes by the stage name ‘Alan G,’ while the second place prize of EC$7, 000 was awarded to Raphael ‘Croquetta’ Johnson and Anthonia ‘Zena’ Simon received the third place prize of EC$5, 000.

Gaskin’s winning rendition “The time has come” is currently being used as the tag line via PSAs and radio ads to help push the education process leading up to the November 24 Referendum.

Addressing the prize giving ceremony, Allan G expressed “hope that the song was able to do a bit of justice to edify and educate the people towards the referendum.”

A musician, composure and arranger by profession, Alan G, who currently resides at Mt. Parnassus, St. George, recognising his strength resigned as a teacher at the Presentation Brothers College (PBC) in 2014 to become a full time musician.

“That is where my strength is…I love it passionately so I want to give it the maximum effort that I can rather than try to do something else that I am not comfortable with,” he told THE NEW TODAY in an interview following the ceremony.

Under the name ‘Classics,’ Alan G engages in gigs at various hotels, weddings and other events island-wide on contract.

He said most of the money picked up would go towards the production of his new album, ‘Memories’ for the 2016 Christmas season.

The Constitution Reform Calypso competition saw the participation of 10 calypsonians.

Participants who placed in positions 4-10 received consolation prizes of EC$1,000 each.

Only four persons were on hand at Monday’s ceremony to collect their cheques including Alan G, Sean ‘Sour Serpent’ Niles, Robert ‘Sergeant Folkes’ Pierre and Croquetta.

The cheques were handed out by Administrative Assistant at the CRAC Office, Lillian Sylvester.

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