15 years in Jail for Molton Matthew

 Twenty-five year old Molton Matthew

Twenty-five year old Molton Matthew

Twenty-five year old Molton Matthew of Windsor Forest, St. David, has been sentenced to 15 years behind bars for the 2014 Easter weekend death of 27-year old Lyndon Antoine, who was popularly known in the city as “The Kite Man” of the same village.

The sentence was handed down Monday by Trinidadian-born judge, Justice Shiraz Aziz, who presides over the No. 1 High Court in St George’s.

Matthew, who was represented by Attorney-at-Law, Francis Paul, had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity to a charge of non-capital murder, and has since expressed great remorse over the incident, which THE NEW TODAY understands resulted from a longstanding feud between the two families.

Attorney Paul was successful in his mitigation to convince the Judge to hand down the lowest possible sentence to Matthew, who faced a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

This newspaper was told that on the day of the incident, the deceased and Che “Kartel” Matthew, a brother of the convicted man was engaged in gambling for money.

The incident occurred in a hillside area known as “Madey” where most persons from the village and surrounding areas will assemble on Good Friday to fly kites and engage in fun and frolic like buying drinks on sale from bars.

An informed source said the gambling started off with about 20 young persons and it came down to Antoine and “Kartel” as the only two persons who were into the finals for the “winner take all” money on the table.

“Kartel” is the father of a one-month old baby with the sister of the deceased.

It is alleged that the deceased complained that “Kartel” had attempted to cheat and based on the gambling rules he (Lyndon) was entitled to take all the money.

According to the source, just as Antoine was about to take possession of the money, the accused struck him a vicious blow in the area of the forehead with a “Spice Wood”.

The deceased reportedly never regained any form of consciousness after the blow to the head.

The injured man was taken to the St. George’s General Hospital and a few hours later succumbed to the injury to his head.

An autopsy revealed that Antoine died “as a result of skull fracture resulting from trauma to the head”.

Matthew was only 23 years old at the time of the incident.

Justice Aziz took this into consideration in determining what sentence should be handed down to Matthew, along with his guilty plea and clean police record prior to the incident.

Matthew was also awarded a deduction in his sentence for the time already spent on remand at the Richmond Hill Prison.

He has been on remand since March 2014.

Meanwhile, 51-year old Japhet Jeremiah of Soubise, St Andrew was Tuesday morning sentenced to spend the next 18 years of his life at the Richmond Hill Prison for the March 2012 death of his common law partner, 40-year-old Rebecca Fletcher.

In handing down the sentence, Justice Aziz also ordered the convict to undergo counseling in alcohol abuse and anger management for two years, with quarterly reports to be made to the court.

Jeremiah, who has one previous conviction dating back to the1990’s, was represented by Attorney-at-Law, Ruggles Ferguson, who informed the court that his client has had problems of alcohol abuse in the past, noting that the Soubise community speaks very highly of him except for when he consumes alcohol.

THE NEW TODAY understands that on the day of the incident both Jeremiah and the deceased were drinking and had gotten into a quarrel over money, which led to him strangling his lover to death.

According to the autopsy report, Fletcher died as a result of manual strangulation.

Jeremiah pleaded guilty to the offence of murder; however, he claimed that he thought Fletcher was in a coma and that he did not realise that she was dead.

An informed source told this newspaper that the couple has had a long history of domestic violence and while family members encouraged Fletcher to leave the relationship, she always goes back to Jeremiah.

The 51-year-old accused was also awarded a deduction in his sentence for the time already spent on remand.

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