“Cocoa Galore” in need of funds to attend regional competition

The management team of the 2015/2016 Junior Achievement (JA) annual awards ‘Cocoa Galore,’ a company owned by students of the St. Joseph’s Convent (SJC) Grenville, is currently in the process of raising funds to meet the approximately EC$19, 000 budget required to travel overseas to represent Grenada at the ‘Junior Achievement Company of the

The Cocoa Galore team after winning the coveted JA Company of the Year title in May

The Cocoa Galore team after winning the coveted JA Company of the Year title in May

Year in the Americas’ competition to be held at the end of December.

Cocoa Galore is currently engaged in the production of cocoa balls, instant cocoa mix, cocoa lip balm and cocoa lotion.

According to JA Programme Coordinator, Jessie Cumberbatch, as the top local company in 2016, Cocoa Galore has been registered to participate
in the 3-day regional competition to be held in New Mexico in the United States for a second consecutive year.

In an interview with THE NEW TODAY last week Thursday, Cumberbatch said the students are “currently looking at ways to raise funds” and that “it’s the only way we can actually go and represent (the island)

“I know they have been sending out letters to businesses etc.,” she added.

The competition is open to JA within the Americas.

Cumberbatch said the results were expected to be announced on Monday and expressed optimism that Grenada would be selected to participate in the event.

“It’s normally about two weeks after registration you know whether you are a finalist and once you’re a finalist you move from there,” she remarked.

“Normally, the selection process would have like 20 different JA companies from maybe about 15 countries. So most likely they would try to have representation from each country. So we keep our fingers crossed and say yes, we think we are going to get through,” she said.

Grenada has participated in the regional competition four times since its inception six years ago.

The 2016 Junior Achievement Awards ceremony, which was held in May at the Chartered Hall at St. George’s University (SGU), marked the fifth win for SJC, Grenville, since they captured the title in 2010.

SJC, Grenville, remained amongst the top performing schools and captured the coveted ‘Company of the Year’ championship title consecutively from 2011 to 2013 and then again in 2015 and 2016.

The JA programme is the world’s largest non-profit organisation dedicated to educating students about entrepreneurship, world readiness and financial literacy through experimental, hands-on programmes.

JA was first introduced to Grenada in 1986 with two companies and has since developed full programmes in a number of the nation’s secondary schools and was initiated at the primary school level in 2014.

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