Rehabilitation programme for substance abuse to be re-established

The substance abuse programme that was being offered at the Carlton House Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre will be revisited as a means of limiting persons from going to the Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital for the one-day programme.

Kestor Cyrus – Excited to have the substance abuse programme restored

Kestor Cyrus – Excited to have the substance abuse programme restored

The programme at the Carlton House came to an end prematurely when Hurricane Ivan destroyed the building in 2004 and since then a one-day programme was being offered at the Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital.

Speaking to members of the media last Thursday, Health Services Administrator for the Richmond Hill Institution, Kester Cyrus, said the programme is creating a standoffish attitude among persons needing the services as there is a certain stigma attached to the Mt.  Gay Psychiatric Hospital.

Alcohol abuse is said to be severe among the population in Grenada.

According to Cyrus, the Ministry of Health is working along with members of corporate Grenada to have the programme fully reinstated.

“In the past we had what we call the Carlton House…that programme is really administered at the Mt. Gay hospital. It’s a day  programme where persons come in for the day and they’re out, whereas in the past we had a programme where persons could’ve come in and stay for more than one day as the need arises”, he said.

“..I know many persons are asking what is happening because recognising the last study that was done by WHO and where Grenada was placed in an unfortunate situation where we seem to have a high level (of) alcohol use and abuse and also persons are concerned about especially our young persons and the use of illegal drugs,” he added.

Cyrus said the Ministry of Health is working assiduously to build a programme in which they can have persons come in and stay as long as it takes.

“So the Co-op Bank and other partners have teamed up with the Ministry of Health to bring that programme back where we can have a team dedicated to that programme so that we can have the programme back as it was.

“We believe that if that programme come back it would have a greater impact because what we are discovering is that persons who have to come to Mt. Gay…some of them have reservations because you know the sort of stigma persons have regarding Mt. Gay Hospital which we are trying to break…so many persons especially young people, they find it’s a little difficult to come to Mt. Gay to do the programme, even if it’s a day programme.

Cyrus announced that there will be a dedicated building for that purpose, where persons can go in and get the necessary treatment needed.

“ I hope that once this is done, we can really do all we can to help persons being affected by use of illegal substances like alcohol and those other illegal drugs which is wreaking havoc on our young people,” he remarked.

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