Rachae calls for “No” vote for Rights and Freedoms Bill

Former Government Senator, Devon Rachae who is now into full-time Religious Ministry is encouraging the nation to vote “no” on the “Rights And Freedoms Bill during next week’s Constitution Referendum.

The Bill is one of seven that is being put before the people for the October 27th referendum to make changes to the 1974 Independence Constitution.

It is feared among religious leaders in the country that the “Rights and Freedoms Bill will encourage same-sex relationship in Grenada.

In his facebook posting, Rachae said, “If you do not support same-sex union, you ought to consider voting ‘NO’ on the ‘Rights and Freedoms Bill.”

The former Senator said he took the time to read the Bill and found that whilst most of it sounds good, it opens a can of worms that will indeed lay a foundation for promotion of gay unions.

He said those lawyers he consulted with on the matter have also expressed the same sentiments.

Rachae who was appointed as a Senator in the Upper House by a previous Keith Mitchell-led administration indicated that this is not a party matter, but it is a matter of protecting the values of the society.

There are 70,714 people who are eligible to vote in the referendum, including 828 Police Officers who will vote prior to referendum day.

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