Grenadian Teen Gunned Down in Canada

A seventeen year old Grenadian residing in Canada was shot and killed on Sunday morning in Northwest Toronto while eating Pizza with his friends.

According to Toronto police, Jarryl Hagley who is from the Vincennes area of St. David’s area may not have been the intended victim.

Daisy Hazzard -  along with her nephew, Jarryl Hagley who was shot and killed in Canada

Daisy Hazzard – along with her nephew, Jarryl Hagley who was shot and killed in Canada

“We do believe this particular shooting was targeted in some way – perhaps not him specifically but the group he was with,” Toronto police said.

Hagley was eating with friends when gunmen entered the restaurant and started shooting at about 1.40 a.m.

There are reports that Hagley’s grandmother lives close to the Pizza shop.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Hagley and some of his friends ran into the washroom for cover but the teenager was the only one injured as a result of the shooting.

He was found by the paramedics in the bathroom as his friends attended to him.

Hagley was rushed to the Sunnybrook Hospital after life-saving measures were performed on him. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Speaking to one of Toronto’s media outlet, his stepmother, Trisha Samuels said her stepson was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that he was never in trouble with the law and was looked up by his brothers and many other children in the community.

“He will be remembered as a good boy – loving, kind, and friendly. He loves to try to help everyone as much as he can”, she said.

“…Sometimes he even goes down to the point of giving his friends his clothes and his shoes to let them feel loved and welcomed in his household,” she added.

This newspaper spoke Wednesday with a family member, Daisy Hazzard who said the family is still in shock over what happened.

She said family members have not been given details from the police as to what happened and “all we know that BJ was shot and it’s possible that the bullet was not intended for him.”

“Persons were called in for questioning but no one has been held culpable as yet. It’s a nightmare; it’s unbelievable. We don’t understand why we had to lose our child like that,” she remarked.

Hazzard described BJ as a blessing to the family saying “that there was no other person in the family who is as loving as he was. He was exceptionally loving and affectionate and hugs everyone.”

THE NEW TODAY understands that a GoFundMe page was set up on Facebook to help the grieving family with the funeral cost.

Hazzard said she is not sure exactly what the funds received will be specifically used for but the family is doing whatever has to be done to facilitate the funeral.

The teenager left the island approximately eight years ago for Canada to live with his mother.

He leaves behind three younger brothers, ages 11, 10 and seven.

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