Church leaders vote down Rights Bill

A group of church leaders on the island has rejected the “Bill on Rights and Freedoms”  to be voted upon by the electorate in next week’s Constitutional Referendum in Grenada.
 The Alliance of  Evangelical Churches  has served notice that it will urge its members to vote “No” on the bill, which is one of seven to be placed on the ballot.
 Several church leaders on the island are fearful that the expanded Rights & Freedoms Bill will open the door to same sex marriages on the island.  At a meeting held last week, the church group issued the following resolution:


some of the leaders of AEC – the organisation that is saying “no” to “same sex” marriage

some of the leaders of AEC – the organisation that is saying “no” to “same sex” marriage

WHEREAS, the Alliance of Evangelical Churches of Grenada (AEC) are guided by the Scriptures, our social responsibility as the umbrella organization for all evangelicals, called to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ, to live and encourage others to live according to the dictates of scripture.

AND WHEREAS, we support the move to revise the Grenada constitution to
make it better for the citizenry, which was demonstrated in our participation throughout the process by providing a representative on the committee.

AND WHEREAS, we now have the opportunity to closely study the final seven bills coming out of the process and get the input of our general membership.

AND WHEREAS, we have serious concerns about section 1B of the “Rights and Freedom” bill as it introduces the word “gender” to the constitution, with a very wide definition that creates a loop hole which in our opinion can be used by some to argue in the courts for the introduction of gay marriage among other things.

AND WHEREAS, the definition of the word “gender” has interpreted by the United Nations, has changed from its traditional meaning

AND WHEREAS, it is believed that the changes to the constitution should be crafted in a way that will make it difficult to legalize gay marriages or other forms of unbiblical life styles.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that The Alliance of Evangelical Churches, through its ministers, lay leaders and members, join as one to actively oppose this bill that is to be voted on referendum day October 27th 2016.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all member churches of the AEC will encourage their church members to vote no to bill #6 the “Rights and Freedom” bill come referendum day October 27th 2016.

Submitted and signed by The Executive of the Alliance of Evangelical Church:

President – Rev. Joachim Phillip

Commission on Discipleship – Pas. Jude Hector

1stVice President – Bis. Alpha Stafford

Commission on Women – Sister Joan Purcell

2nd  Vice President – Pas.   Ian Rapier

Secretary – Sister Ronda Niles

PRO – Pas. Alfred Horsford

Treasurer – Sis Amina Gibson

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