“Uncle Tilly” endorses Burke

Former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas who once headed the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has once again endorsed the leadership of his successor as party leader, Senator Nazim Burke.

Thomas, often called by Congress supporters as “Uncle Tilly” stepped down as Party Leader in February 2014 following NDC’s crushing defeat at the polls at the hands of the New National Party (NNP) one year earlier.

NDC failed to win any of the 15 seats in the House of Representatives.

Addressing the recent roll out of Congress’ 13-year policy agenda at the Grenada Trades Centre, Thomas said he can think of no one who is better qualified to articulate the vision of the party than Sen. Burke.

“Indeed I can think of no one to lead the country in the pursuit of the written policy as Prime Minister in the State of Grenada,” he said.

“In Nazim Burke, Grenada has found the type of leadership that we desperately need at this point in our country’s development,” he added.

The former Prime Minister told the gathering that Sen. Burke was faced with the twin-challenges of bringing new life and hope into Congress after the massive 2013 electoral defeat, while at the same time leading the process of crafting a policy for Grenada’s development.

Thomas expressed satisfaction with the leadership of the party under Burke since it was a time of transition and a time for renewal.

“The resurgence of the National Democratic Congress under Brother Burke’s leadership is a solid fact of the Grenadian political reality,” he said.

Deputy Political Leader of NDC, Joseph Andall who also addressed the gathering indicated that over the years various other political parties have promised much, but delivered little to Grenada.

“Since our independence in 1974 various political parties, having formed the government of our beautiful county have pledged… to build our economy, strengthen the process by which our people are involved in the development of Grenada and move our country forward,” Andall said.

The Congress Number Two Man is satisfied that his political party is moving away from the current adhoc approach to the governance of the country.

“Today highlights the fact that as a party, the National Democratic Congress recognises that in order to put Grenada on the map for sustainable development, we must present a clear, deliberate and coherent policy which engages the will and tap into the creativity of our people,” he said.

Andall stated that the leadership of Congress believes it has an obligation to leave a better Grenada than the one inherited, and as a result it is important that NDC does not just think about the next General Elections, but about the next generation.

He said it is clear that the world has changed drastically and as a political organization, Congress can no longer think in terms of a five-year period if it has to successfully confront the challenges that the current and global crisis have presented.

The NDC Deputy Political Leader expressed the hope that the 13-year policy agenda will help to harness the most viable possibilities the country can offer in agriculture, agro-processing, tourism, manufacturing, and foreign direct investment that will directly benefit the people.

He described the policy agenda as a blueprint that is designed to move the country from a hand-out to a hands-up society.

“It is a plan that focuses on solutions rather than on personalities,” he said.

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