Clyne-Edwards wins case in Privy Council

Grenada’s only female Queen’s Counsel, Celia Edwards Q.C., has claimed victory when the Privy Council dismissed the appeal of Janin Caribbean Construction Ltd. against her clients, the Law firm of Wilkinsons.

Female attorney Celia Clyne-Edwards QC, appeared before the Privy Council

Female attorney Celia Clyne-Edwards QC, appeared before the Privy Council

Over 20 years ago workmen of Janin sued Janin for injuries sustained on the job.  At the date fixed for trial Counsel for Janin asked Wilkinsons to seek an adjournment on his behalf.

Janin did not turn up for the trial. While Wilkinson was doing another matter in another Court judgment was entered against Janin.

Janin sued Wilkinson for professional negligence.

The High Court dismissed the action on the ground of the submissions by Queen’s Counsel, Celia Edwards that Wilkinson was not negligent and owed no duty to Janin and further that an advocate was immune from liability in the circumstances.

Janin’s appeal to the Court of Appeal was likewise dismissed.  They then appealed to the Privy Council.

At the Privy Council, Janin was represented by Jonathan Crystal, an English Barrister and Ian Sandy of Amicus Attorneys.

Wilkinsons were represented by Celia Edwards Q.C., Shireen Wilkinson, Deloni Edwards and Robert Jenkinson all of the Grenada Bar who travelled to England for the hearing before the Privy Council in June 2016.

The Privy Council ruled Tuesday in favour of Wilkinsons that the Immunity of Barristers from suit for Professional Negligence continued to be the law of Grenada and dismissed Janin’s appeal.

Janin has no further avenue to appeal, as the Privy Council is the highest Court in this Jurisdiction.

The Keith Mitchell-led government is making moves to have the Privy Council replaced by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in the October 27 Referendum as the final appellate court for Grenada.

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